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  1. i've just aquired an mk1 (so to speak) SB Audigy (SB0090) for my rig i'd like to find the latest VXD drivers i can for use in 98SE (as opposed to the WDM ones) problem is i don't have an install CD to initally install the drivers and then use the updates creative supplys. any suggestions/link ? many thanks. PS i know about the kX drivers and don't fancy them as this is mainly for gaming use.
  2. AVG here i install without the e-mail scanner (i install IE without OE and use webmail (which is scanned their end) so there's no need) nice and light. i've heard good things about nod32 though
  3. what program is this btw ? ps. i've used Display Set and Desktop Architect (for themeing) both are very good imo
  4. no its a palette index (position) and a weird one at that (not first or last) if i remember rightly its been a while (sigh, come on memory - whirr, whirr, click, click whirr ) to test make a bmp with ALL palette positions the test color (i remember i used the xp/win2k 'Background' blue the first time) insert and test it you'll see the tail off has changed copy this bmp and change one index at a time (1 to 16) to a seperate new color - green or something (but not black) changing the previous one back to 'blue' as you go. insert and test repeat. when the tail off goes green (or 'something') you've found the palette index for the tail off (which you would use for the backgound of the text also in most design cases) i would be more help (i have done bmps at home i could just look at in psp) but i'm away from home currently so don't have access to my own computer. anyway its only 16 colors to test = a good rainy afternoon task ps. if you try this out post your findings for other browsers. pss. ensure the new BMP is the correct BMP format (my memorys twitching that it's ment to be RLE but i could be wrong - sleepy) psss. i find PSP best for windows palette work btw. pssss. i will try to remember to edit this page with corrrect info (if its not extended) when i get home (it'll be a while though)
  5. ie6 should remain supported (regardless of os) till ie7 comes out (which will be soon) i would suggest you get familiar with the alternatives anyway.
  6. Sorry, I was just going off in a rant. Basically all I was trying to state was that I'm not taking Link21's argument seriously anymore, now it's just amusing. ****, you said that ? i though link posted it (wishful thinking i think) guess the cats out the bag now sorry Jlo555 if you went off the hook at Link, i can appreciate that, i nearly got banned for doing the same on topic - mental health patients should have their net access restricted imho
  7. i'm asking the same question, obviously the hitman i paid has done a runner.
  8. the tail off doesn't have to be black you know, you can edit the pallette (keep it 4 bit)
  9. quickly Robin! too the Batmeter . . .
  10. no, but i've downloaded a couple of trojans in my time.
  11. a-squared is a high rated alternative 9X compatable with very good reviews http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/free/
  12. as many 98SEs as you want (with desktop shortcuts to each install) http://www.thpc.info/dual/addawins.html
  13. you can definitely do more than that, but not with the one included in windows i think, there were some who used to install the Q3 demo into a ram drive and get the jump on servers, should be a tutorial around . . . found it - http://www.thetechzone.com/articles/ram_drive/index.shtml has RAM drive app download too probably some stuff on MDGXs site (about RAM drives) as well.
  14. i can see where this is going, and it's waaayy off topic. but . . . you're assuming there's an inherent need or desire to use modern software. i can't speak for anyone else but i'm still writing HTML in Notepad (well Textpad actually) and i think its fair to say i don't think MDGX (the member here most would agree has the best 95/98/98SE/ME support site) uses Macromedia flash MX Dreamweaver MX. personally imo the only piece of software that must be current is Anti-virus and the web browser (and the web browser is debatable) it's all relative try not to wade in just because we may poke fun over a single phrase (of which i may be guilty, and as such apologize) but on the flipside could you perhaps try not to make posts in the Windows 95/98/98SE/ME Software Discussion & Support Forum in an effort to try to get us to agree we should upgrade to new hardware (or a new OS) for two reasons. 1. it's not going to happen (the people that are here have made their choice, for whatever reason). and 2. a rather dim view of it is taken by most of the regulars (and thankfully now) the forum mods as well. please guess i'll get back to designing a cool mini desktop Arcade cab built out a of K6-2 333, PCChips PC100 board, ISA SB16, TNT2, running NeoRAGEx and DOS ZSNES and try to stop the name Link21 rattling round in my head . . .
  15. true, but sometimes newer drivers come with their own new bugs, witness this thread (currently i'm testing 71.84 (as advised by MDGX in that thread) on my 'ex'-perimental install (going for stability and compatablity there) but i will probably try 81.98 on my 'gaming' install inspite of it's known bugs) and 81.85 which you've left out of your list is well known on Guru3D for being an absolute howler and worse than a beta release. sometimes of the older drivers are somewhat more 'rounded' than later ones, being more stable and compatible than others (30.82 and 56.64 being good examples of this) with the constant push to squeeze more performance out of drivers working to the detriment of other issues (like quality, stablity, and compatablity) also theres the often quoted line that you should stick to driver of your cards 'generation', when the drivers writers focus was more on your card. i don't follow that religiously but i do run 30.82 under DX8.2 on one of my other rigs (with a TNT2) because i know it's a rock solid combination and i won't be playing any games (or graphical apps) on it anyway i feel we're getting off track, its not about a finite 'best driver' just personal recommendations (possibly for future reference by others) maybe even some 3dmark03 numbers and where are the Radeon users ? there must be some around PS. does anyone know why there are two 77.72 versions ? ftp://download.nvidia.com/windows/77.72/
  16. having just bought an 6800 i'm looking for driver recommendations (MDGX any suggestions ?) for 98SE i though i'd expand the scope the thread a little so . . . . post your card (make, model etc) and the best driver(s) you've encountered (for performance and/or reliablity) i'll start for any old Nvidia card (say under a Geforce) go for DX8 driver 30.82_win9x_WHQL.exe possibly the most stable and compatable Nvida driver ever for Geforce 4 cards (and possibly younger Geforce cards) i used to put a lot of stock in 45.23_win9x_international.exe (which is WHQL in XP). lots of people will recommend 44.03 for this generation of cards but these drivers 'cheat' by being optimised for benchmarks rather than real life applications. for Geforce 5 (FX) cards i used 56.64_win9x_international.exe (which is WHQL in XP) for stablity, and 61.21 for performance in my 'gaming' install (i run three windows 98SE installs at once), any higher resulted in crashing and display problems in some games. so jump in !, post your card and 9X driver, and maybe we can build a 'referral list' or some such . . .
  17. no comments coming late to the problem but afaik, you can shut this permanently with the 'network bondage' trick http://www.grc.com/su-bondage.htm http://www.grc.com/su-rebinding9x.htm any help ?
  18. are you sure you replaced the 256 color ones and not the 16 color ones which come first in the resource list. (these are only shown in low color screen modes) and your desktop should be in High or True color mode to see the new ones. in browseui the first (of 4 256 color 'strips') you want to replace is number 265 (which is normally grey) i never used to bother with the 16 color 'strips' because i had no interntion of working in low color screen modes where they would be seen. you have to replace the grey ones with new the colour ones as well for the full XP effect. otherwise you new ones will only show up in 'mouse over' and 'clicked' states. top page to save for reference - http://www.virtualplastic.net/html/hacklist.html
  19. nah, that would be me
  20. right in XP they're in shell32.dll here these might help - NEW-TOOLBARS.zip
  21. i'm not sure if i follow you do you mean it doesn't show up the same as in winXP ? you don't see the high color depth 'buttons' ? post a screengrab maybe ? if i remember rightly, the 'large' toolbar 'strip' is a different size so you have to resize/edit/touch-up the XP ones also 24 or 32 bit doesn't work, but with clever Palette manipulation you can get the 'strip' down to 256 colours and it still looks good. you can use a custom palette but its best to include the windows colours (i don't know about other apps but psp has this option) the transparent background colour is 255, 0, 255 #FF00FF one of the best ways to get a pallet is use Irfan view to reduce a pictures colour depth to 250 (* 256 minus the 16 windows colours that you put in later) custom colours using Floyd-Steinberg dithering then copy the pic into psp (or an alternative) via the clipboard, increase the colour depth to 24 bit, decrease the colour depth to 256 colours (* including the windows colours), have 'Nearest color' reduction method ticked (if available) this kind of palette manipulation is the key to doing good looking pics in these types of situations without increasing the resource 'load' alternatively you could insert your own creations and designs many people prefer a minimalist style with even less colour. another old trick (for those that like the 9X style icons) is to insert copys of the existing colour 'strips' into the positions of the existing grey ones so that the toolbar buttons are no longer grey all the time except when in a 'mouse over' or 'clicked' state. that is, if i remember rightly. this is all assuming is all your going for a 'minimum resources' type hack.
  22. afaik you can't best you can do with MSN Messenger is 7.0.0816 (the offical download for 98se) with the Mess Patch 7.0.0816 ( http://www.mess.be/ ) and Messenger Plus! ( http://www.msgplus.net/ )
  23. assuming the project isn't dead (i hope not), i'm going to lay down a guess that he's now waiting till 98SEs last stage of support offically ends on July 11th (and/or posssibly the release of IE7 and therefore the end of IE6 updates) so he can present a 'final' 'done and dusted' version. thats what i would be doing in his shoes at this point, the date's too close now for an incremental to be worth the hassle.
  24. thing is, while IE6 is still current, it's still supported by MS (critical updates etc - even on 98SE) but once IE7 comes out (proper) that will end, MS is not going to do anything more for IE6 at this point sooo in order to be safe from any future threats/developments etc 98SE users are gonna have to switch to other browsers. i've been looking at Opera again just recently (which still supports windows 95 btw ) and is apparently the fastest and most secure browser (it also has a nice line in skins ) here's a nice page to have a read through on the subject of free browsers

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