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  1. Been here before, but not recently. I develop a freeware package that has to run identically in XP and up, and I was adding a small feature while testing on a Vista64 system all the way up, but the bug presents on a clean install of Vista 64 SP2. I have a work-around but I am stymed I have to do so. I have to check this out in all the other supported systems, not sure if Win 7 is affected, but please help me out! I have a shortcut to a BATCH file meant to be stored with similar ones in an open window as a control center for a bunch of related activities. The idea is to have a shortcut
  2. Hi folks! I haven't been here in quite awhile [because I got all my problems solved here!]. But of course there is always one more: I am attempting to install Win7 on a Lenovo W540 w/8GB and the 2.70 CPU. I can run 8.1 on it fine, and I have also installed Vista [although many driver problems, but I still got it up enough to have it proclaim "genuine software". I can install the product key [that matches the Windows version] fine. But I cannot install the cert file LENOVO_V2.1_Cert.XRM-MS and get the error code 0x00000BBA The spool file was not found. Is this somehow related t
  3. ...To this day we still have a paradox: This is 2009 and there are certainly many things discovered of W98 (patches for newly discovered problems exist). There are new ways to integrate drivers (software like Driver Magician show basics of such if nLite doesn't to you). 4.7 maybe the last but if we consider adding current available patches (USBz, INFs, default VGA drvs etc) there can still be 4.8 of current date Can you elaborate about 4.8? All I have is a provisional 4.8 that literally has bugs in it if you want to just not address the SLEEK V2 situation. Unless you are attempting to do
  4. I am the chief instigator of [among other things] getting 98lite SLEEK support put into the 98SEUSP2.1a. [You'll see an acknowledgment to me in the installation pages as you start the SP up.]I still use 98lite, and was one of the most prolific people attempting to get him to make a stable version 4.8 that would actually work, i.e., a "V2" implementation of the SLEEK shell. To this day we still have a paradox: 1) The SLEEK shell works perfectly fine in terms of file maintenance tasks. Without SLEEK, even with all of the kludges using files from IE55SP2, once you install IE6.0 or SP1, you ne
  5. Hello erp!I'm back from the [almost] dead, and I mean that literally. I'm finally able to catch up on e-mail, forums, etc. and noticed this recent thread, so I assume you and others are well. [i've been out of the hospital for 6 weeks now, so it appears I'll live.] Can you give me the short version: What is the reasonable consensus on what is the most effective SP-related procedure to follow today? Are we using SP2.1a, or is there something stable newer? Is something *almost* stable awaiting something with an end in sight? Is there a work-around to make useful something beyond SP2.1a? Wha
  6. Good idea, and yes, it does work for all folders. But it does NOT work for the dialogue box in the run command which just stays reversed. [it does come up in list mode and you can temporarily goto details mode, get the little arrows and temporarily re-reverse it back to normal, then return to list mode now un-reversed, but it won't stay un-reversed when invoked later, etc.] Are there dialogue box-related separate settings unrelated to the "normal" folders? [it would appear to be at least partially true; If I make the rest of the folders all tiles, the dialogue box is still in list mode by d
  7. You can also use XXCOPY to "flatten" directories, and overall it's a lot better than ROBOCOPY. cjl
  8. There is nothing particularly AMD or Intel-centric about Win98 [sE being the variant of choice in the 9x world; see the 98SE unofficial SP sub-forum here on MSFN]. That said, drivers are crucial. Stability is ONLY determined by how well the hardware-specific drivers are correctly written for the hardware, not anything else. Irrelevantly, there is more built-in ANCIENT Intel drivers, thus this hasn't been an issue in years; today you have to add on everything, etc. However, 98 is designed to run in much less than 1.0 GB of memory and will crash with "too much" memory unless you set specific
  9. Just to not waste time, I did try changing to view order by name and selected something, but it didn't become permanent, so next time still reversed. cjl
  10. Somehow when browsing in the run command [defaults to list view, correct by default], I can browse to a volume and all of the folders and files are displayed in reverse order. If this were details view, I know how to re-reverse it back to normal, but how do you reverse the list view? [i'm assuming that if it gets reversed back, it would be permanent until again changed... but then again, I don't know how this got reversed in the first place!] Any ideas, people? tia, cjl
  11. I am attempting to include this update [KB917275] in an unattended batch file. Using no switch options it does install fine. Doesn't even demand a reboot. However, I have to answer all of the questions. Notably, this update seems not to support /? to find out what the other options are. I did try /Q which made all of the questions and answers go away, but, it seems to make it not install anything, just complete as if I cancelled out on the answers, etc. Could this update possibly need some sort of response file [unattend.txt or whatever] or invoke some other option switches? [i don't know
  12. I use the QFECHECK-type program available in KB282784 (Qfecheck.exe Verifies the Installation of Windows 2000 and Windows XP Hotfixes) and haven't ever had this problem before. For all other updates, either no complaint or at most a reboot and in an extremely rare instance actually reinstall the relevant update. But for the recent KB923689 (and no other old or recent update!) Qfecheck always gives KB923689: This hotfix should be reinstalled. Of course I have a sea of other fixes installed (and all of them are "Current on system." as they should be), but this is the only one that ever failed
  13. Well, we went over this before:There really isn't a need for superfluously separate packages to update 98SE. The objections only came up if there were unacceptable options. However, options different from the current scope of the SP as of 2.1a could become: 1) Do less - Don't even bother to check for IE 5.00 and update it, just ignore IE completely. Makes the package only insignificently less bloated than otherwise. 2) Do check for IE 5.00 and update if present - Baseline size for bloat of SP currently 3) Do check for other IE versions and update if they are present, NOT just for IE 5.00
  14. Does he know, or are these just slapped up on his website? I don't see how anything past what I report can change anything.It's apparently true that the Q832353 version doesn't like my configuration. Perhaps it wasn't tested in 98SE or in conjunction with IE 6.0SP1 and patches, even though usually obtained along with IE6, etc. There really isn't much to explain about an explicit message "You must install Windows Media Player 6.4 first" is there? Upon examining the innards of both patches, it's clear that Q832353 was written to expressly try to solve the 6.4 problem, and clearly MP832353 hand
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