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Which OS are you using?


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Host1: Windows XP Media Center 2005

Guest1: Windows XP Professional

Guest2: Windows XP Preinstall Environment

Guest3: Windows .NET Server 2003 Enterprise

Guest4: Windows Longhorn Professional (HEC03)

Guest5: D.A.R.C.I.E. (RIP Linux derivation)

Guest6: Windows Vista Beta 2

Guest7: Windows NT 4.00 Server

Host2: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

I have half a gig of ram on this computer and I think I just exhausted my paging file for the fourth time today. x_X

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Main rig (the one in sig): xp x64 (before i used xp mce 2005)

2nd rig: xpsp2

office: w2k3sp1

Also, proud owner of: 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98se, 2000 (pro and server), xp professional (x32, x64), xp mce 2005, w2k3, vista (although enthusiast at the beginning, now don't like it too much, maybe until the final version will come out).

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on this box i am running a multiboot system with these OSes installed:

OS X 10.4.3

xp corporate sp2

random flavor of debian linux

and finally a 700mb freedos partition i'm using to learn how to create an el torito cd

do i win the prize?

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Main box - Vista betas (updated every few weeks).

Secondary box - XPSP2.

for some reason i read the secondary box as

x-psp/2 and thought, woah, u use it as a psp/ps2 emulator? i never knew there was an os that did such a thing....and then after a while i realised it was just plain old xp!

anywho, on topic, xp64, and occasionally try out ReactOS !

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