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Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!


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heh, my system(s) (im in need of a case as you can tell):



sorry for the poor image quality

first system (no case):

p4 ht 3.8 ghz

768 mb ddr2 sdram

300 gb sata disk drive

dvd+/-rw drive

windows xp pro retail/windows 98se (u)sp2.1

and a crappy video card (ran out of money)


not mine, i never got a look at it. something old though, win 2k.

2nd system:

amd athlon xp 2400+

512 mb ram

80 gb hdd


windows xp pro

nvidia geforce fx5600

i have another laptop and 2 more desktops, but my cam isnt working now, those pics are old.

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Well This is My PC

Pentium IV D805 , 2.66Ghz, 533Mhz, 2Mb Caché, SSI3, Dual Core

Intel D945GNTL

512mb Kingston DDR 400Mhz


HDD 200Gb SATA II 7200r.p.m.

DVD Sony 16x Dual Layer Black

Foxconn TLA-436 Black

This is Old but....it showz something :D


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Not my fault if the photos are so blurry : my computer is so fast that it makes every picture of it blurry. :D


My graphic card, with its heatsink (the shiny thing is a MMC card):




Pretty big but quiet.

52°C idle. :angel


CPU @ 41°C fast idle. 51°C after 10 minutes of Prime95, not (yet) overclocked.


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Single channel for your RAM? Why that? :blink:

ya i just noticed that too. almost all boards have the dual channell setup for slot (1+3) or (2+4) but occasionaly you find boards where its (1+2) and (3+4). just some stupid crap.

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