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Haha, thought you'd come up with that. I don't care that much about appearance concerning the DVD-ROM drive etc. And about the cables, well, it's the best "management" I could create :lol:

Just cleaned all the dust out of the case yesterday, and the CPU indicates a nice steady 43C°

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Antec Super Lanboy

Thermaltake 430W

Athlon64 3400+ 2.2ghz @ 2.4ghz

Corsair 2x512mb PC3200 Dual Channel

Abit AN8 Fatal1ty

Geforce 6500 256mb PCIE

Pioneer DVR-111D

Seagate 80gb ATA100

Seagate 160gb ATA100

Seagate 200gb SATA150

M$ Keyboard & Logitech MX1000 Lazer mouse

XP Pro SP2

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