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  1. Zone Alarm Security Suite Baby!!!! : thumbup
  2. Hehehe, naaaaa that's when i bring the pc to my place, and the ashtray was there...i dunno smoke when i use my pc
  3. Well This is My PC Pentium IV D805 , 2.66Ghz, 533Mhz, 2Mb Caché, SSI3, Dual Core Intel D945GNTL 512mb Kingston DDR 400Mhz ASUS A550EAX/TE 256Mb PCI-e HDD 200Gb SATA II 7200r.p.m. DVD Sony 16x Dual Layer Black Foxconn TLA-436 Black This is Old but....it showz something
  4. Have u ever had problems with Spyware or Virus ??? maybe ur System Update is disabled or not correcly running....try searching XP-Antyspy (google it) or reinstall ur windows i am sure that the 2nd option is the way to fix it if u dont wanna play with registry values trying if this works or not... i am goin' to search any software that fixs exactly ur problem or can help y more good luck
  5. Unattended, cuz i have all my system ready to go and then i must install, less appz. But sometimes it's better a fresh clean install
  6. Once a Month but if the system works fine with the tweaks, once a year....i play 2 much with tuneups and registry values
  7. It is before you see the desktop, but after the boot screen right? The login screen. Have you had any spyware/adware issues in the past? Reason I ask is because you might have some broken winlogon items sitting in the registry.. Otherwise, yes.. General startup items dont help either.. Like some have mentioned, tone down the number of utilities going on.. You shouldnt need that many.. Especially so many that are always starting up and running on their own.. If you want to go to the extreme.. After a lot of tweaking and tuning, in opinion, there is a point where a nice clean install of windows is a better bet.. It will seem a lot smoother.. And if you can afford the time (reinstall, moving documents, etc), it is well worth it.. I wouldnt recommend everyone or just anyone doing this regularly though. Those are a few starters.. If it is after the login screen.. It is mostly higher level software.. Not low level like drivers and such. I've had reinstalled windows, and moved documents as u said, and now the pc is running better!!!, i haven't any problems with Spyware/adware or virus never in fact, the problem was the Windows Vista Transformation Pack cuz i installed an English version and i have windows xp in spanish so when i had installed this pack the system got freezed and i restart the pc, and worked fine for a while but the start to get me prblmz. I think that was the reason why i had the system working unstable.......thanks for your help
  8. Try www.dll-files.com and search it
  9. Great theme!!! i am going to try it! thx
  10. I dunnot use all the features of Tuneups 2006 and Tweaknow Powerpack 2006 and there are not running when my system starts up i use them just for reg cleaning and some tuneups.......on my system starts i only keep ZoneAlarm, Avg and nothing more on tray........
  11. I already disabled tray icons like, quick time, daemon, power iso, services like windows update........ i often run RegistryMechanic, CCleaner, Tuneups Utilities 2006, Tweaknow Powerpack 2006, XP Smoker and this are my system specs: Windows XP SP2 + ZoneAlarm Security Suite + AVG 7.0 PRO Pentium 4 D805 , 2.66Ghz, 533Mhz, 2Mb Caché, SSI3, Dual Core Intel D945GNTL 512Gb Kingston DDR 400Mhz ASUS A550EAX/TE 256Mb PCI-e 200Gb SATA II 7200r.p.m. DVD Sony 16x Dual Layer Black
  12. Does anybody knows how to improve my system performance? cuz' my pc it takes like 2 min logging on windows with tha Welcome Screen, i've tried to tweak it to improve the system performance but my question is.........do u know some tips or what registry values do i need to edit??? if anyone can help me thanks...

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