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I don't think I've posted any of my new systems here, so here's an update!

Here's my main desktop:

Intel Q6600 @ 3.0GHz - 1.2Vcore

ASUS P5B Deluxe

2GB OCZ Platinum DDR2-800

EVGA Geforce 8600GT OC 256MB

2x WD3200AAKS (RAID0)

Corsair HX520

ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme w/ Scythe S-Flec E fan

ThermalRigth HR-03

Antec 900 Case

2x Yate Loon D12SL-12


And... on the desk:

2x Acer AL2016W

Altec Lansing APT3 Speakers (5 years old, and still going strong!)

Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Steelpad QCK mousepad


Hope you all enjoy! :)

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nice desk setup there :)

how is that mousepad? is it worth getting? i've been debating whether or not to get a real mousepad. i'm using one that i picked up for free at some sort of a convention a while back..

btw, are you missing a remote :P

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I just got the mousepad today, and I needed it because my mouse kept on falling off my old mousepad when I moved from one end of the screens to the other. :lol:

It's not one of those "super-glide" mousepads, but I don't particularly like those anyways. It's got a good level of feel, without making the mouse feel heavy.

Yea... yea... that remote has been there for ages. I honestly don't remember what device it's for... *checks* Ah... that's why I haven't needed it. It's for my VCR. I haven't touched that thing in ages. :P

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That's a really nice setup, how are those speakers? They look very good.

A lot of apple forums have their "show you desk" -threads. I always like browsing through those to see how others have set up their home office/entertainment rooms. Perhaps a thread exclusively for desk setups would be nice?

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The speakers are really nice. Sadly, Altec Lansing stopped making them, and replaced them with a similar looking model. Apparently the new version has slightly lower quality tweeters, which is a shame. The day that these speakers kick the bucket, I'll probably pick up a nice pair from Logitech.

That cable is actually pretty out of the way. It sits nearly flush with the side panel, and then routes over the rear fan.

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  • 1 month later...


i still need a short optical drive [no slim drives are cheap enough] and some RAM, but this ones almost done.


there are TONS of pictures of the work i've done so far on that thing. front panel power LED and Power Switch work and are confirmed, Reset Switch is wired but not confirmed working.

if anyone knows of a standard optical drive less than 6" long, that would be amazing. 6" is just about the max i can squeeze into this. i also have to cut a new or the existing backplate to fit. after that, this things' ready to rumble.

i plan on running XP or Linux on it.

if you want to see more pics, i'll be glad to post them.

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