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  1. I can't compete with most of you guys but I decided to show my stuff here. My workhorse, I bought this laptop for school. It's actually the fastest computer I have ever owned myself . C2D T5300, 2.5Gb Ram (Soon 4), 120GB HD This is my desktop, I'ts pretty old and I'm sure you guys aren't that eager to see the insides of this 5 year old computer so forgive me for not taking off the side panel. If the Toshiba laptop had better graphics I wouldn't use this PC as often but I like the 19" and the 7300GT when I'm playing WoW. Despitethe relativly low specs compared to my laptop it get's about the same amount of FPS in WoW (and yes, the laptop also get's used for stuff besides gaming ). The PC is hooked up to a 250GB Philips external HD, the speakers are the X230 from Logitech. An old HP 771.nl with several upgrades (RAM, VGA, HD). Athlon XP 2000+, 1Gb Ram, 60 + 160 GB HD, GeForce 7300GT AGP 256 MB Below, my mouse and keyboard. A Razer Krait and a Logitech Ultraflat. The Razer is a great mouse for gaming and I picked this keyboard beause it's has that "laptop" feeling to it wich I really like. And finally the VX Nano I use with my laptop. Great little mouse and the small connector is aesthetically more pleasing than most of it's counterparts.
  2. [Desktops] 2007

    About as cosy as my desktop My laptop is about the same but 1280*800.
  3. Widescreen Requirements

    It will work fine I bet. I used a HP w19 widscreen (1440*900) with a GeForce4 MX 420 wich is less powerfull then your card. I switched to a GeForce 7300GT 256MB after a while though because I wanted to play Call of Duty (which also worked surprisingly well on the mx420 with medium settings) on the highest settings.
  4. That's a really nice setup, how are those speakers? They look very good. A lot of apple forums have their "show you desk" -threads. I always like browsing through those to see how others have set up their home office/entertainment rooms. Perhaps a thread exclusively for desk setups would be nice?
  5. what's your computer's performance?

    Before uninstalling Vista and going back to XP I did check the performance index score on my Toshiba Satellite a100-803 and got a 3.1 with the intel gm 945. The rest of the components scored pretty good.
  6. Your 3Dmark06 made an impressive leap. Would adding another card improve your performace a whole lot?
  7. Intel Core 2 Duo

    Thanks for explaining that. I was actually about to make the comparison between Pentium and Pentium MMX processors but I decided against it because I wasn't completely sure wheter it was a good comparison or not and I didn't wan't to run the risk of making a bulls*** post . But I'm glad you did so I know I understand the outline of this matter. Well that was always pretty obvious to me, I just wondered why you picked those specefic processors in your last post but you cleared that up aswell.I think the point Ripken is trying to make is that when two processors from different generations (like a Pentium D versus a Core 2 Duo) with the same clock speed are compared the newer model performs better. In this case due to the better argitecture. Also the advantages of the Core 2 Duo go pretty far when you compare slower Core 2 Duo's to faster Pentium D's but as jcarle pointed out clockspeed is always a factor. I think Ripken knows that but I believe he was more trying to make a statement.
  8. Intel Core 2 Duo

    Well the slower core 2 duo you mentioned uitperforms the pentium D in several benchmarks. Doesn't the core 2 duo handle multithreaded tasks better then pentium D's?
  9. Core 3 Duo?

    You are using two Pentium 3's right?
  10. That's a pretty sweet computer nmX.Memnoch.
  11. Maybe I don't understand fully what you are trying to accomplish here, but wouldn't an external 500GB drive be a more simple solution for you?
  12. Safari Beta for Windows!

    This UI looks great on OSX but it's horrible with my Windows XP classic UI. One of the things I hate about iTunes aswell (that, and the bloat). I'm also pretty sure I'm going ot miss Greasemonkey.
  13. That's a pretty sweet overclock
  14. Best Laptop maker?

    Thirded (no it's not a word ), Toshiba. Although some Sony Vaio's are pretty sweet, but a bit more expensive I guess and you have to put up with all the software that comes preinstalled with it.
  15. [Desktops] 2007

    I prefer to keep things simple.