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Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!


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Scythe Ninja..those are the standard fan clips.

lower front fan @ 7v, exhaust fan on the CPU header, heatsink fan @ 7v.

silence is golden.

Do you have the Rev A or the Rev B Ninja? I'm actually quite disappointed with the two Ninja's that I've got here. I've got a 1200RPM Scythe SlipStream fan on this E2160 system, and my load temps still hit 55C (undervolted to 1.22V, overclocked to 2.4GHz). For the most part, my temps aren't much better than what I got with the stock cooler.

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Always nice to see when one uses his space optimal when placing the screen on its vesa-mount :).

What screen are you going to get? A 24”?

Love vesa mounting of flat screens :D

going for a 22", the price different here between 22 and 24 is just to big for my pocket!

Looking at either LG or Samsung, might be more likely LG as there not Glossy, not a fan of glossy screens, especially when my back is to my windows...

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Rev A Ninja. I wanted the bolt-thru more than anything...no overclocking, no undervolting. funny though, my CPU is doing a lot better with the ninja and we both have CM cases Zxian...but even with a mid/high 30's idle, i'm sure it'll be up there under load.

will test after i get my Accelero S1, i'll do CPU and GPU same day. looking at the pic longer, and my system makes me hate where the ATX connector is, but once i get some wire wraps (the white stuff the coils around it) i'll see if that makes me feel better.

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So in addition to what I've already posted:

Now I've got a used 19" LCD attached to my laptop, for a dual display setup. It's incredibly useful, and has improved my productivity a lot. It was cheap, too - only $50 and it works fine, although I wouldn't use it for high-performance uses such as gaming or CAD, and it doesn't have DVI.


Also, there's a shared desktop, which is a dell dimension 4700:

  • Pentium HT @ 3.0 GHz
  • 512 MB DDR2 Memory
  • Intel Integrated Graphics GMA910
  • Some dell motherboard that it came with
  • Integrated audio
  • A dead DVD-ROM drive that I should probably remove
  • A working CD/RW drive
  • An Epson Stylus C86 Printer
  • Some scanner that I got for like $5 somewhere
  • A Western Digital external USB 2.0 HDD, 500 GB, for backups of the...
  • 80 GB SATA HDD
  • Regular boring 'ol PS2 mouse and keyboard, no special features
  • A crappy 17" Dell CRT
  • Windows XP Professional, SP2

Additionally, I've acquired an old Dell OptiPlex GX110, which is sitting in the living room.

  • Pentium III @ i dunno
  • 512 MB PC133 RAM
  • 30 GB IDE HDD
  • A 3Com Sound Card that sometimes works
  • A logitech something or other keyboard, with fancy buttons and a cool shape
  • A standard Microsoft PS/2 laser mouse
  • A CD/RW drive
  • A floppy drive :o
  • A 17" IBM CRT
  • Oldddddd Intel Integrated Graphics - 810 or something like that
  • Asus WL-138G Wireless adapter
  • Windows 2000 Professional, SP4

There will be pics at some point.

OH and the might-be server one that I'm about to get rid of. It's ancient (1999, ok, not tooo ancient) and here's the awesome specs:

  • Compaq Presario something
  • 250 MHz Citrix processor (IIRC)
  • 32 MB RAM, some sort of SDRAM, but I'm not quite sure at this moment
  • A 5 GB HDD
  • A network card from an unknown vendor
  • No keyboard or mouse
  • No display
  • Windows 98, maybe linux + samba soon?

I kinda doubt I'll ever actually use it; I'm more likely to just pick up a cheap system somewhere and use that.

EDIT: Added a picture + changed info on the GX110, which now has its power strip and wifi card. :D

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^new heatsink, for the 9600GT. Accelero S1 Rev 2. plastic junk is removed, that's why you may not recognize it.

burned in the MX-2 last night taxing the 3D accelerators with Alice. might be an old game, but its still designed by the mac-daddy of 3D animation, Randy Pausch.

idles near 40C now, 7C cooler than with stock cooler.

just wish i was able to cool the VRMs with something...maybe i'll see if a RAM heatsink will fit on them sometime. The stock 9600GT cooler makes contact with them, which is why i see it as a problem, but when you look at the Fanless ECS 9600GT, with an Accelero S2, you see that there's no heatsink on the VRMs. mixed feelings about that.

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MacBook Pro

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

4 GB (2x2GB) OCZ PC2-5400 RAM

GeForce 8600M GT 256 MB connected to Acer AL2016W LCD

160 GB Fujitsu MHW2160BHPL HDD

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

Logitech M-RBB93 Bluetooth Mouse

Maxtor OneTouch III 300 GB External Drive

Finally broke down and bought a laptop too - a 17" MBP. Installed BootCamp and Vista SP1, and it is just about the fastest piece of hardware I've ever seen run Vista... :blink:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Right... So this is Nexus (with 3 HDD`s and the DVD-RW drive missing - sold out, don't ask :P , soon to be re-aaded to the setup). Pictures were taken with a crappy cam during a LAN party earlier today (might be the beer effect for the blur - shhhhh :D) Thanks Zxian for hosting the pics :hello:






PS. puntoMX, this is to keep my word I gave you a while ago... :hello:

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Nice setup Nitroshift! Just one question... what on earth do you use 8GB of RAM for...? :P

Thanks Zxian for your appreciation... As for the 8GB of RAM, I use it for editing geographic maps in ArcGIS which is a RAM hog unfortunately (some layers go over 1.5GB in size and I might have 2 or 3 opened). And gaming too ;)

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not that any games would need 8Gb ram yet ;)

yup! but it helps... ;)

looks great mate!

Thanks :)

Also, its really nice to see so much free memory even when in a heavy game :P (good with 4, but with 8! daaamn, lol)

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