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Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!


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Even I didn't know you had dual monitors!!!! Sheesh... some friend you are... :P

I'll have to take pictures of my systems when I get my place cleaned up... which will be in the near future... at some point.

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which keyboard is that jcarle?
It's a Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000. It has a laptop softness to it but it's a full size keyboard that has a slight curve in it (vs the old completely split Microsoft Natural Keyboards). It's amongst the most silent keyboards I've worked with so far. Although the space bar suffers the same metal bar cling that every keyboard suffers, it's far less then any other keyboard I've ever heard. Edited by jcarle
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Jcarle, did you ever look at Dual LCD Monitor Mount/Stands?

They save space underneath your screens that can be used for open books for example.

I think it looks nicer too.

I'm not a big fan of monitor stands in general. I don't really need any space on my desk for anything other then my computer. I don't even remember the last time I used a book at my computer, everything's available online now.

thanks jcarle looks like a nice inexpensive keyboard, might pick one up.

It can be had for as little as $12.50 online. It's heck of a good value.

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Recently upgraded my PC, so here's some pics.

My desk did not change, just the PC Case (Inside too!)


Here a look at the inside.


And yes i took the time to paint parts of inside the case (Red) and cleaning up the wires while waiting for my new Mobo to arrive.

So here's a recap on what has changed:

Enclosure: went from a Antec Sonata 2 to a Antec Titan 650 ( The TruePowerTrio 650 is great and the case is so roomy. No messy wires in the way. Long video cards are welcome).

Motherboard: went from a MSI K8T Neo2-F to a MSI K9A Platinum (I got no issues with MSI. But i did have a hard hard time to find this board).

CPU: went from a AMD X2-4200 (939) to a FX-62 (AM2) (My very first FX processor, price was low and more power to boot).

CPU Cooler: went from a Zalman CNPS9500 Led to a Zalman CNPS 9700 Led (I could not use the older one because of the new socket. It keeps my FX cool).

Memory: went from Corsair XMS DDR-400 (2X512MB) to OCZ DDR2-800 (2X1024MB) Crossfire Edition (A bit more expensive but super stable).

Video Card: went from a ATI All-in-wonder X800XT to a pair of ATI X1950Pro 256MB Crossfire setup (OMG, what a diffrence, Games are meant to be played this way... MAX everything).

Tv Tuner card: The All-in wonder was replaced to a ATI TV Wonder 650 (I'm watching tv and typing right now.)

What did not change are my 2 Raptors(74), my 2 dvds(Plextor and LG) and my SB Audigy 2 ZS.

And before anyone here treats me has an "ATI FANBOY". Your right in a way. But let tell you one thing...

IT WORKS! My system is rock solid stable. After adjusting the Bios with a fresh XP install, it booted with no issues whatsoever. Best Build ever. :thumbup

I'm not here to set world records in various benchmarks. I like the idea of having one manufacturer (AMD) that did the CPU, chipset and video cards.

I do not like to have too many mixed components. Less problems with compatibility.

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So... I don't have any more pictures of the insides of my cases yet, since I'm still waiting for the last part to arrive... the gem of my file server. Once that's done, the hardware will be moved around a bit more and then I'll take pictures.

In the meantime, I can show everyone my desk area, where I do my work from my workstations and file server(s).


The Dell machine (second from left) isn't mine - it belongs to a friend, so I'm storing it while she's away in the Yukon.


Not much else to say. I've got a D-Link switch under the table, since I've got more than 4 wired devices on my network (3 computers, xbox, test systems, laptop), but hopefully that'll be replaced by a Gigabit switch sometime soon.

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this is my beauty


No Name 7 year old case

Enermax Liberty 500w PSU

DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D

2x512mb Kingston hyperX DDR400

AMD64 x2 4200 w/thermaltake Polo

Nvidia GeForce 7600GT

NEC DVD Burner 8x(? so old i dont remember the specs)

this is the most recent change: swapped in a WD5000AAKS for my WD800JB (80GB IDE) and DM+9 (80GB SATA 1.5) i must say the change is amazing

Logitech Elite keyboard

Logitech G7 Cordless mouse

Klipsch 2.1 speaker system

Dell 21" widescreen LCD Monitor

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:lol: @ fan pointing into case

and :thumbup @ g7 mouse and klipsch 2.1

(unfortunately i settled for 2nd best: logitech z2300 2.1 speakers. but i love 'em.)

one of these days i'll get around to taking pics of my system.

but it probably won't be until i get moved in at the university.

oh, and :thumbup @ kingston ram. i use corsair, which i would say is one of the best as well.

Edited by GarrettW
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DUDE is your computer sitting on top of a Radiator???? OMG :P nice system though, I have the same video card, how do you like it? I love mine, it takes anything i throw at it :P I just need a CPU upgrade and ram and motherboard HEHE! :P

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