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Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!


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took these just now while watching the Futurama movie


Gateway 24" LCD (Right PC on DVI, Left PC on VGA)

PC on right: (new PC)

ASUS Pk5 Premium

Q6600 Quad Core

4Gb Corsair DDR2

Evga 8800GT

4 x 250Gb WD 7200 drives

Antec Sonata III

Logitech MX-530? Speakers

Logitech MX Revolution

Logitech G15 1st Gen with Duplo™ brand stand :D

Vista Business

PC on left: (old PC -functions as file server until I turn it into a media center to replace the one in the living room)

ASUS K8V-Deluxe

AMD 64 3200+ (2.0 with 1mb cache version)

1.5Gb Mushkin

Leadtek 6800GT

2 x 160gb Maxtor

Antec Sonata I

Logitech MX 1000 (2 actually -long story)

No Speakers

Cheap a** DELL OEM keyboard (not pictured -in drawer)

XP Pro

Also in Picture:

Xbox 360 Controller (dont even own a 360)

Motorola SLVR L7

Leatherman Charge Ti (more useful than everything else on the desk put together)

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@geek, That makes sense :) Man everyone seems to put there feet on the sub, I do! :) are those the 5.1? I have the 2.1 and they sound awesome :) even for games, when i got mine, I was sooo surprised how much power these have, I have crank mine up and the sound still sounds crystal clear.

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One package of high sugar content candy, one partial package of high sugar content candy, one partially hidden container of high sugar content soda, two spare mice, one thumbdrive in it's own protective pouch, one partially hidden game controller, one (possibly two) sticks of memory on the windowsill in packaging, transferring data between computer and cell phone, two towers, one multitool, one remote(?) and one can of bugspray.

I think the shot glass speaks for itself. :P


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i had to actually look at the picture when you said bugspray -thats not bugspray its canned air. only thing that looks like a remote to me is the 4port usb hub in the changejar. the cell phone is just charging (its shows up as mass storage but i rarely use it) i used to have the thing plugged into a real charger but every time i had to leave home for a few days i had to crawl under the desk to unplug the charger so i just left the charger in my backpack and started charging with usb instead (is it a bad thing if i have more USB outlets than AC outlets in my house?)

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