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[Desktops] 2006

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Nice, where is the sidebar ? :D

and how about Vista performance after a month on your machine ??

I liked the Longhorn sidebar but in Vista MS changed it too much. When it comes to performance, Vista feels and runs faster then XP, I have it a month now on my laptop and the performance is also getting better, some programs starts faster after a while.

what graphic card do you have on your laptop ?

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The visual style is Area 04 (If you have problems installing it send me a PM but you should be okay).

My wallpaper:


(I really like desktop patterns)

and the mediaplayer you see is foobar2000 customized to my needs (if you have any trouble with it i'll be glad to help altough I'm not yet an expert).

And thank you :)

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I think you can find it here. You'll need StyleXP.

NOD32 told me there was several infiltrations and in fact the file I was downloading was a .exe, not .zip.

What happened to themexp.org ?

I disabled both AMON and IMON and then used UniExtract to find something usable and nothing. In fact, there was instead four different spywares! :o

So I really wonder what happened to this site. :(

I think I'll try VMWare. :/

They must have been watching this thread, LOL, downloads from themexp has been an .exe + spywares for over a year now (even for just wallpapers :realmad: ).

BUT, as of yersterday, VS's from themexp now comes in .zip :thumbup

thanks to Camarade Tux!

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