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[Desktops] 2006

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I think you can find it here. You'll need StyleXP.

NOD32 told me there was several infiltrations and in fact the file I was downloading was a .exe, not .zip.

What happened to themexp.org ?

I disabled both AMON and IMON and then used UniExtract to find something usable and nothing. In fact, there was instead four different spywares! :o

So I really wonder what happened to this site. :(

I think I'll try VMWare. :/

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Nice, where is the sidebar ? :D

and how about Vista performance after a month on your machine ??

I liked the Longhorn sidebar but in Vista MS changed it too much. When it comes to performance, Vista feels and runs faster then XP, I have it a month now on my laptop and the performance is also getting better, some programs starts faster after a while.

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[Guikit] :: 7 by H8LesS

[Wallpaper] :: Ascending Penguin by *coolart

[icons] :: WidgetWidget, susumu, chris's icon docks, and few more.

[Featuring] :: Maria :hug:

[Thanks to travelfox a.k.a Ze Icon Master for giving me those grey-folder icons]

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