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  1. Office Customization

    Great Work!!! This will come in handy when I customize office 2007.
  2. [Desktops] 2006

    The text next to your Icons, is that default with the those? I really like that. I love this desktop, nice clean design..
  3. Lady in Black

    She is sweet looking. Thanks for the pics.
  4. [Desktops] 2006

    Thanks, I figured as much...
  5. [Desktops] 2006

    Xpero - Awesome desktop - What program do you use for the widgets and where did you get the harddrive widget from. Or is it Vista?
  6. [wallpapers] Windows XP SP2 Pack

    Very nice Keep up the good work. Big help for those of us without time or talent. Big Thanks..,,,
  7. [Release] Aero World

    Very nice work. I have used many of your wallpaper designs in my unattended windows installs. Got any for Windows 2003 server?
  8. [Icons] Office 2003 Orbs - XP and Mac

    Awesome, I love the style.
  9. Windows XP reactivation

    More likely you will not be able to use the Dell Windows restore, it is an OEM install that verifys that the motherboard has a Dell bios. Many computer mfg. use this kind of install. Gateway, Sony, Dell and HP/Compaq. The only way to reuse the installation cd is to purchase another Dell OEM motherboard. I had the same problem with gateway and I found a great number of sites that carry gateway replacement motherboards. Or I haven't tried it yet: But someone told me you can change the OEM info in the preinstallation to not look for a certain bios.
  10. [Tools] Unattended Programs

    Thank you very much for posting all the links in one area. Very nice work. Saves me time in searching.
  11. Unattended Website Additions

    All the tutorials and guides are great, can't wait for the updates to customize my installations more. Thanks Guys
  12. Hello There, glad to be here.

    Thanks alot, for the reply. I had the same problem with winntbbu.dll like somebody but with all the great replies I got it figured out. Thanks Again.
  13. I am a 32 yr old computer programmer out of Texas and I come across this site by mistake. I have been coming here ever since. Great Tutorial and Guides on this site. I reformat my computer twice a year and I love my newly created unattended OEM windows XP installation CD. Well I am glad to be here and hope to add any of my skills to the forums.
  14. Thank you, that was short and to the point, Thank you for the help.
  15. Thank you very much for the tutorial. The information comes in very handy when I create custom OEM XP installs for my home computers. I have also found your other guide very useful as well, thank you.