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  1. I don't think it is necessary to have a new thread every month for desktop screenshots, so ill create this one for 2008. Hopefully people will use this one for all 2008 desktop screenshots. Well, here is my current desktop.
  2. thanx resolution: running at 1280x1024 theme: longhorn dry blue (uxtheme patched, then used the .msstyle) wallpaper: samurai_in_the_rough (originally orange but i edited it to a purplishblue to match the theme) icons: shaded blue (renamed all to alt+255 for no text and placed on centered righthand side of screen) and my little du meter in the corner above the startbutton i like it nice and simple, just replacing the defaults
  3. <a href><img></a> doesnt work =/ oh whatever heres the preview heres the link the a bigger picture Desktop
  4. Done! Twice! Since i think ive done a little too much damage to myself already, i called my brother to read the forums and help me since i didnt know what i was doing. I just wanted to write down a few system settings and from a few apps. Well it ended up booting fine like nothing ever happened at all Partitioned my new 200gig hdd, copied all my files over, applied my settings and now im up and running again with a fresh install of windows on my new hdd. Thanx guys!
  5. YES!! I've managed to rebuild my partition tables AND retrieve all my files back 100% intact! Using "Partition Table Doctor" off a slave hdd, it took only a few seconds =) Just one last problem, i cant seem to boot windows off it and the screen just goes black. Although, i can see all my files on each partition if im booting off a slave hdd. Any suggestions?
  6. It was only a delete, havnt wrote anything to them yet. Thanx ill give testdisk a try asap! *EDIT*Update: EasyRecovery Pro doesnt save the files with the original names, it doesnt even find .txt and .doc files which are the most important files to me. I'll give testdisk a try like bledd mentioned, did a quick google on it and it sounds quite promising since i had only deleted the partitions and not written over them yet. Anyone ever used it before? How were the end results?
  7. That was a quick reply My brother just gave me EasyRecovery Professional before he left to go out. While im still trying to figure out how to use it, ive got a few questions for anyone who's experienced or have knowledge on recovering files before. 1. What percentage of all the files originally will it recover? 2. For the recovered files, will they have the same file names? 3. For the recovered files, is there any chance that any of them might be corrupted?
  8. I had accidentally formatted the WRONG harddrive last night and im in desperate need of help in recovering my files I was planning to format my new harddrive but instead forgot my old one was still attached and ended up formatting that AND deleting all the partitions on it as well. It originally had 4 paritions on it all being FAT32 with the first one (C:) being winxp and the other drives (D,E&F) with personal files. Is it still possible to recover my files? or atleast scavage what ever is possible.. Right now its just an unpartitioned and unallocated 80gb.. any help or advice would be much appreciated
  9. Oops sorry about the wrong forum, must have had multiple forums opened last night and created this in here by accident Thanx for the reply guys, looks like NTFS it is!
  10. I've just recently bought a new harddrive (200gb) since my old 80gb seems to be dying out. I'm planning to partition it as follows: C: 10gb (winxp) D: 15gb (personal files, documents, photos etc) E: 175gb (music & videos) Since my E drive is 175gb or so, i guess im forced to use NTFS. So my question is, if all my partitions are NTFS and i format my C drive would it in anyway affect my other drives (D&E)? I know its a silly question, but this is my first time using NTFS. I had only ever used FAT32 on my old 80gb and i just wanted to know a bit more about NTFS before i start treading around that area. Just a little paranoid about losing my important files
  11. Everyone knows atleast the basics to protect themselves from the nasty things on the internet right? (trojans, viruses, spyware, hackers etc). Simple, just use a firewall, anti-virus with updated definitions and a spyware remover. Though there is another thing that ive never thought about until today, what about on your own local network in your own home? For example, you can check the router history for sites that have been visited. Im sure my brother has done this a few times already since the router is in his room. Knowing little things like this really bugs me Ive also just read about programs that can log MSN messenger conversations from any computer on the network such as 'MSN Sniffer'. Im not sure if my brother is a jerk enough to do something like this, but i take my laptop over to have lan parties (using a hub) with my friends (and people i dont know sometimes) often and i wouldnt want them snooping through my convos. I dont really have anything to hide but i do like to have my own privacy if possible. So im wondering if anyone knows of any tips or tricks to avoid things like this. Would using a proxy server avoid the history on the router? Is there a way to get pass chat loggers such as MSN Sniffer? If anyone has any other tips or tricks to share on how to keep your privacy on your own local networks, feel free tell!
  12. Yep you guys were right. It was in PIO instead of DMA! Although i had no clue wtf that was when Sonic mentioned it, so i had to google it up. Thanx to LLXX for mentioning the settings were in Device Manager as i had no clue on where to go to change it. Apparently it was running in PIO even though the transfer method was set on 'DMA if available' but after a quick uninstall of it and rebooting its now running in DMA5 Everything is smooth once again now. Thanx guys!
  13. Cpu is running at its normal speed and fans are working perfectly. Something inside my tower has made some funky weird noises before(last week) and still does sometimes one time so bad it sounded like a ticking time bomb about to go off and woke me up during my sleep that i had to turn off my comp. It could have been the harddrive but im not sure. What exactly is ATA66/100/133? So its a good chance thats it might be a hardware issue and my harddrive could be dying out?
  14. Wasnt sure which forum this thread would go under so ill post it under here since im running Xp. Mods feel free to move this thread if needed be. Not sure what happened the last few days but windows is extremely jerky now. Opening applications such as MSN Messenger or even Winamp makes windows laggy as hell even though theres nothing else running in the background. Although once the applications are opened/loaded its not that bad anymore. The lag/jerk happens most when i load up a new application, even opening up Explorer lags =/ Turning on my comp and waiting for windows to load up at the Windows Xp startup screen lags too. You can practically see the little bars that scroll across lagging. Not sure if this is related to my windows, drivers(havent installed anything lately though) or if its a hardware problem. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. Windows Xp Sp2 2.4ghz 256ram Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. Follow new rules --Sonic

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