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[Desktops] 2006

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Like the transparent borders N1K. How many MSFN windows do you have open there? :)

LOL, well, that's my odd way to check for a new topics on MSFN. I like to open each forum section in it's own tab. Don't know why, but that's how I like it :lol:

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i got a new one. the only thing i changed is the wallpaper. i swear to god i can't find a good one :(. but anyways, in spite of the holidays, that's the wallpaper i got. enjoy :).





as always, very highly compressed

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@vezwoarang-Nice, elegant.

thanx :D

which theme is that?

resolution: running at 1280x1024

theme: longhorn dry blue (uxtheme patched, then used the .msstyle)

wallpaper: samurai_in_the_rough (originally orange but i edited it to a purplishblue to match the theme)

icons: shaded blue (renamed all to alt+255 for no text and placed on centered righthand side of screen)

and my little du meter in the corner above the startbutton :lol:

i like it nice and simple, just replacing the defaults

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