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The best registry cleaner.


The best registry cleaner  

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  1. 1. The best registry cleaner

    • PconPoint
    • Registry Mechanic
    • Pc Rescue
    • ccleaner
    • other (please specify)

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Actually, CCleaner does find a lot of stuff in the registry that, for example, TuneUp Utilities misses. And those entries happen to be the simple ones like unused file extensions and invalid filepaths. I'm surprised TuneUp doesn't get all those, but it does a very good job of getting all the COM+ ones, like in the CLSID section and such.

But, when all the reg cleaners are done, the next best thing you can do is keep a record of the games/programs you install/deinstall and use Registry Finder or a similar program to find the mass of them and delete the leftovers all at once. I said that already, oops. Well, just reinforcing my point. Spent all this time typing it, don't feel like backspacing now. lol

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RegSupreme Pro - not free however. this one seems to pick up where the others leave off. i also use CCleaner and it's pretty sweet, but it usually leaves a lot of stuff behind that RegSupreme catches.

i have never found (and i tried a LOT of them) a reg cleaner that catches everything.

actually the best reg cleaner would be if MS pulls it's head out it's butt and uses the reg to store only system/user settings, like it was supposed to do in the first place. supposedly in Vista that's going to begin to change. i watched a video interview with one of the Vista dev departments and they were asked if they wish the registry would've never have been created. one of them laughed. they realize and admit that the registry is bloated with 3rd party software settings writtin by developers who also need to pull their head of their butt. they (MS) failed to place restrictions on how developers can use the registry.

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CCleaner is like an unruly child....it doesn't follow directions well.

It takes out things that I tell it to "Leave Alone".

NO one cleaner does 100% of the job.

To really clean your registry requires a battery of programs.

If I had to settle on just one, it would be "Easy Cleaner", FREE.

I've used it for years and have never had even one problem with it.

I also use Reg Clean from MS.

Finally after doing all the cleaning that you have the patience for,

you need to compress the registry, just like you do to the HD after

removing a bunch of stuff. (Defrag)

NTREGOPT.exe is the program for that. It comes with ERUNT, which

I don't use.

Once you've removed all the c.r.a.p. from your HD and cleaned up

your registry and compressed it, it's time for a full backup.

My program of choice for that is Ghost 2003. It runs nicely from a

boot floppy or CD and writes directly to a DVD, or HD.



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Im going on a year since my last reformat, and so far, no malware or other problems. I've uninstalled maybe two or three apps.

Do you guys think I should run a reg cleaner, or no? I don't much feel like doing another reformat just yet... I'll probably wait till New Years when Windows Defender ain't free anymore... call me crazy.

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none of them! cleaning a quarter mb of junk out of the registry won't even speed up an ancient computer.

however, adjusting visual settings, disabling unused windows services, and disabling performance counters will do the trick!

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