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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition Out!


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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition is out today!

Can anyone write a review for the black edition?

I can't wait to get it, till then someone who has got it please post your comments.

Also post the difference between the black edition and the normal one. I have read the ones on the site, I need to know other ones.



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This game sucks! I downloaded the demo and that was bad enough! What is it with games making nice cars all riced out!! Ricers are for girls dude...anyway and what about handling? Physics and car characteristics are shot to hell. Graphics are great if you only have a good graphics card of course. All in all if you like arcade games then this is a pretty one for you. Else stick with real men's games.

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I was looking at the Standard and Black edition today and the only noticable difference I saw was that the Black edition has 2 or 3 extras cars and some extras tracks. I only read the back of the game Boxs so dont quote me on that . Guess im gonna download the demo for the PC before buying for my Xbox

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I've got the black edition for PC and the graphics are just amazing, sure it may be more about the looks nowadays but who the hell cares the game still plays great and is fun. I can't believe how far graphics have come, I mean the intro to the game looks like DVD quality just about. :thumbup

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I just picked up the Black edition. And Can't really give you a comp with the plain edition.

Here are my 2 cents

I toyed around with some of the old NFS games but I was married at the time (no more Hehe) no comment their expect to say the graphics suked (compared to now) but fun - not much replay value

NFS underground - I picked up and was surprised and the complete 180 in direction of the game. A platform arcade game (not GT4 or PGR3) for me 2 real is a little boring - try driving some of those F1 sim in real mode not assist , usless!

what made Underground fun was the lan game! ( i personally liked a lot of the tunes)

NFS underground 2

The big shocker here was - hey did I just see burgerKing Billboard - ah money money money

Same game, bigger , some tweaks - stiffer solo carreer comped to NFS underground 1


It feels like an espisodes of cops mixed in with the attitude of bad boys II ( thankfully rated T and not M)

My feeling is that they are making another platform arcade game - done, but more so , they are searching for a fast action paced movie look and feel - so far , I has been Fun

Online: well the only request I have is that thet try and pair up equal opponents more on the automated side. The online side is easy and quick!

Graphics - dark gritty smooth , but WOW! (well the cop cars are black so ...) the envorment is drop dead amazing (granted I'm running and x800xl 1280x1024 - 20in lcd)

Value; as a none diehard - I perdict mabey 20 to 30 hours of play before I drop it - but the online portion might extend it

my Rating: 8.5 out of 10

so much for my 2 cents

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Nowadays it is all about just graphics and really complicated gameplay.....no joy.....NFS Most Wanted is the biggest example of that. I think NFS really had it right with the Porsche series. They should have made a Supercar series....realistic physics, realistic damage models...oh yeah!

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In my opinion, the NFS series is no longer a racing game. It's a game where you have to upgrade your car here and there to get more points and money. The "races" are rediculously easy to anyone who plays real racing games (*cough* Gran Turismo 3/4 *cough*)... I rented NFS:U2 this weekend and I was able to get 300 reputation points on just about every race there was (meaning at least 5 second lead on most races).

Not to mention that in all recent NFS games there's that damned annoying slow car boost. In Gran Turismo (and I think Forza Motorsports) this is disabled by default. It's almost like real life racing - you crash and it gets a helluva lot harder to win.

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well i've been playing all the nfs series they're all pretty fun. yes there are many other better games, but this is a game to be played as well.

nfs series were never simulation games, its Arcade type of game, so if u want physics and real life stuff don't buy nfs series.

u cannot compare nfs to gt series. so much different!!!.

okay about the black edition, the only difference i know in the black edition is the dvd movie that comes with it, and its totally crap. i couldn't stand watching it, but i did, expecting to see something more interesting ..

also i'd prefer brooke burke over josie maran, at least for the game :D

i think graphics are good.

32 cars in the game (same in normal/black edition)

storyline's okay.

races are good. some of them really challenging. some of them real easy. but if it was too hard ppl would be like "oh what the hell i cannot get pass this, let me cheat." and your life shouldn't be about beating the game. i've friends who are giving all their time for beating the grand turismo series. u've to play it over and over again to beat the records and etc. but why? does that get u anywhere, u drive better in real life? both of them are for pleasure.

cops! they're really pushing. in nfs hot pursuit they weren't trying this hard to catch u, here is like a Grand theft auto kind of thing, do more bad stuff more cop's on your a**, u get busted and stuff.

i think this game's every car modder's dream. and yes it could be better. but lots of things could be better. starting from my internet speed :D

also its pretty wierd that this game's not on a dvd. i mean 4 cd's what the hell's ea thinking???

i thing i can definitely say is the MULTIPLAYER sucks! again what the hell's ea thinking, its a single player game everyone will finish in a week so focus more on the multiplayer! its just ciruit/drag. the drift in underground series was awesome they shouldn't have taken that out..

i played this on Lan, i dunno about internet play but i don't think it'll change...

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Until they start getting some decent physics and damage models (which generally tend to be dependent on the physics) the NFS series isn't going to be going anywhere execpt downhill.

Unfortunately most car manufacturers don't like to show how easily there cars get damaged (hence why GTA dosn't use real world cars).

The problem is, is that as long as you are useing real world cars, you can't get decent damage effects unless all manufacturers agree to it. I rekon that they could make a better game if they just dumped using Fords and Hondas and started Forps and Honkas and put in some real physics and damage in.

That would make for a better game.

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