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  1. Do you lock your computer?

    yes. i don't want others to look into my d: e: f: g: h: and i: drives
  2. First when i'm trying to save an edited version of a word document, the dialog box of 'file permission bla bla bla' will be prompted into the screen, then when i open up browsing the usb flash drive, the file is gone. then something weird happen, i open up the 'affected' flash drive on my winxp, a tmp file existed, renaming that file to *.doc and i'll have the original file back. hmm...
  3. Andromeda43, it didn't just limited to office apps, try editing using whatever apps(and files) and try to save it directly to the flash drive, i think the results will be the same. the file will be deleted.
  4. Thanks for replying. I did some googling and found out about this : http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/.../05/108205.aspx its seem that if i want to format the usb flash drive to NTFS (using win xp), the quick removal feature must be disabled first right ? is this true for win vista too ? and i also found out that, if i did that, i'll no longer have the feature to quick remove the usb flash drive anymore.. is this true ?
  5. Well, I'm asking this question on behalf of my friend. He's using Windows Vista Ultimate and MS Office Word 2003. (I'm on XPSP2 anyway, don't have that luxury to upgrade anytime soon..) The problem was that my friend has this one word document in his usb flash drive. After he has done some editing with his word document and try to save it, the error messages "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error" prompted into his screen. He soon discovered that the file was deleted from the flash drive whenever he try to save the file directly to flash drive. He also tried to duplicate the scenario and he got the same problem over and over again. His word documents keep on disappearing or deleted for that 'file permission error' reason. The only workaround that i've found for this problem was, do the editing in the harddrive first and then 'move-and-paste' the file to the thumbdrive afterward. Now, this somehow works for him. There is no other security related apps installed in his machine beside Avast! Antivirus Home Edition. Any ideas ?
  6. Start Menu, Desktop Icons didn't show up on startup

    oh, would you mind attaching the .reg file to me. just pm me the file so that i can take a look at it. anyway, the dial-a-fix thingy don't work for me.. thanks in advance.
  7. Start Menu, Desktop Icons didn't show up on startup

    i'm downloading the program right this very minute.. might give it a try. thanks.
  8. My laptop got this weird problem. Whenever i start my laptop (WinXP OS btw), the desktop icons and the start menu won't show up as always. Everytime that happens, i have to kill the explorer.exe process and start it over again (Task Manager > End Process Explorer.exe > New Task Explorer.exe) and only then the desktop icons and start menu appears. I've already scan my computer for any infection regarding malware, but nothing came up. Any solutions is highly appreciate..
  9. Cannot open folders

    Well, one of my staff's computer at the office has this weird problem. We found out that, somehow we can't open My Computers, My Documents, Control Panel and to make it short, we cannot open any folders at all. I've scanned the computer with SpyBot, Ad-aware, Symantec AV 10, About:Blaster and Spyware Doctor, but it seem that the problem still persists. Whenever we double click or right-click>'open' on any of the folders, we can only see a few second of hourglass and then no response or whatsoever from the system. It just went completely.. errr.. nothing. Please help us. Oh, i've googled the forum and unfortunately, found nothing that might be relevant to my case.
  10. [Misc] Microsoft answer to illegal copies of Windows.

    Yes, the review date is January 26,2006. The first wave of this non-genuine notification took place in Norway and Sweden. And as only today the 26 of April, the second wave took place in all five countries stated in the articles i posted earlier which is the US, New Zealand, Britain, Australia and my country, Malaysia. EDIT : The review date has change to April 26,2006 as we speak. Yup
  11. [Misc] Microsoft answer to illegal copies of Windows.

    Here's the link : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/905474/ Funny though, there is also instruction on how to uninstall it
  12. [Misc] Microsoft answer to illegal copies of Windows.

    Well, me too. My cute IBM T42 will always be safe from any 'illegal activities' IMHO, this really is a smart move from Microsoft. But i also think it would a take a while for crackers to go and figure out how to eliminate this 'smart move' though
  13. Don't know if you guys seem to know about this or not.. But here it goes... Click on the link/s provided for more details. Here's the link : Link #1 : Click here Link #2 : Click here It's a newspaper articles, so i can't just simply cut-n-paste it here. So, just right click, and open it on a new window instead. Really sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. [Question] - after 20 days...

    Agreed with Aegis You should always let memory hungry programs (running on background that aren't that necessary) turned off.
  15. [Desktops] 2005

    My laptop windows screenshot : Larger please Details : Windows UI : Aqua Graphite Desktop Wallpaper : "Proton Gen.2 Work in Progress" Wallpaper by Sputnik72