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  1. Well I have a doozy of a problem Iastor.sys exist in many versions and some of our dell box require a specific one to boot from an unattended cd (raid mode) I tried using the latest AA or Matrix iastor - NOT My question is can i use multiple iastor maybe seprate them by folder and let the unattned find the right one? I have an example from SIS - but I'm getting confused I download the SIS raid 32bit setup r3.04c and looked in the floppyimage folder under -964_180 -----raid ----------srv2003 ----------win2000 ----------winxp ----------ws03xp64 same structure for 2 other folders : 964plus180(181) and 965_965L the txtsetup.oem for the 964_180 folder is: [color="#CC6600"][size=1][Disks] d1 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \ d2 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\SRV2003 d3 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\WIN2000 d4 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\WINXP d5 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\WS03XP64 [Defaults] scsi = SISRAID_XP [scsi] SISRAID_2003 = "Srv2003 32bit SiS Raid/IDE Controller" SISRAID_XP = "WinXP 32bit SiS Raid/IDE Controller" SISRAID_2000 = "Win2000 32bit SiS Raid/IDE Controller" SISRAID_64 = "Windows 64bit SiS Raid/IDE Controller" [Files.scsi.SISRAID_2003] driver = d2, SiSRaid.sys, SiSRaid dll = d2, Property.dll inf = d2, SiSRaid.inf catalog= d2, sisraid.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.SISRAID_2003] id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0180", "SiSRaid" [Files.scsi.SISRAID_XP] driver = d4, SiSRaid.sys, SiSRaid dll = d4, Property.dll inf = d4, SiSRaid.inf catalog= d4, sisraid.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.SISRAID_XP] id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0180", "SiSRaid" [Files.scsi.SISRAID_2000] driver = d3, SiSRaid.sys, SiSRaid dll = d3, Property.dll inf = d3, SiSRaid.inf catalog= d3, sisraid.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.SISRAID_2000] id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0180", "SiSRaid" [Files.scsi.SISRAID_64] driver = d5, SiSRaid.sys, SiSRaid ;dll = d5, Property.dll inf = d5, SiSRaid.inf catalog= d5, sisraid.cat [HardwareIds.scsi.SISRAID_64] id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0180", "SiSRaid" [Config.SiSRaid] value = parameters\PnpInterface,"5",REG_DWORD,1[/size][/color] how do i intergrate this into my unattend and how do I create one for the iastor/intel version I'll be working on this and post any if any of my success !!!!
  2. I just picked up the Black edition. And Can't really give you a comp with the plain edition. Here are my 2 cents I toyed around with some of the old NFS games but I was married at the time (no more Hehe) no comment their expect to say the graphics suked (compared to now) but fun - not much replay value NFS underground - I picked up and was surprised and the complete 180 in direction of the game. A platform arcade game (not GT4 or PGR3) for me 2 real is a little boring - try driving some of those F1 sim in real mode not assist , usless! what made Underground fun was the lan game! ( i personally liked a lot of the tunes) NFS underground 2 The big shocker here was - hey did I just see burgerKing Billboard - ah money money money Same game, bigger , some tweaks - stiffer solo carreer comped to NFS underground 1 NFSMW It feels like an espisodes of cops mixed in with the attitude of bad boys II ( thankfully rated T and not M) My feeling is that they are making another platform arcade game - done, but more so , they are searching for a fast action paced movie look and feel - so far , I has been Fun Online: well the only request I have is that thet try and pair up equal opponents more on the automated side. The online side is easy and quick! Graphics - dark gritty smooth , but WOW! (well the cop cars are black so ...) the envorment is drop dead amazing (granted I'm running and x800xl 1280x1024 - 20in lcd) Value; as a none diehard - I perdict mabey 20 to 30 hours of play before I drop it - but the online portion might extend it my Rating: 8.5 out of 10 so much for my 2 cents
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