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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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its coming. I am debating a public beta, instead of a private beta 2.5.

I am tryin to add printer/scanner/webcam/camera support

and dns/dhcp to beta 2.5.

(optional obviously)

and tryin to meet requests for IE7 (doubt it will happen though)

and many other software.

with beta 2.0 many people already seen what they are in for, got an idea of howto make patches in many cases, and so on.

dont exactly know when, the next beta will be out, but its coming along, nicly.

what you can look forward to, in the public beta. smaller build sizes, nvidia (official) and ati (official) driver shrinking.

registry patching stage 1

dns/dhcp support (for those w/o fixed ip addresses, or who dont want to set it up manually.

multi processor support (dual core users)

usb audio support (for usb headsets)

gaming controller support.

and things you havn't seen b4, and only testing will show yah.

printer support, to meet the request, for using this project for word processing boxes for poor. (remember, your request for this, has to be taken up with nuhi b4 all else.

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things are going well.

I think that people who have the beta can keep using it. others waiting for private betas, can wait, since I want lots of hardware support, and so do users, private betas are gonna work beta for now. A public beta, will be available when its ready for everyone.

I hope users can userstand waiting, since its to add more usability, security and speed to a public version, and private betas.

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aegis hey, as the timetable states, prepare beta 3

users delays arn't without reason. the next private beta, if working well for most users, like testing is trying to do.

beta 3.0 public should be a day after, if private testers, are avaliable to confirm it working well.

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