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  1. Did you ever do more on your Reduce memory project , last version was 1.2? It still does wonders.

    email me at angelico.q(at)gmail(dot -com)

  2. Manufacturer's homepages would be a good start, I found all drivers for my Win 7 x64 that way, except for some 1y old webcam. EDIT: typo
  3. Have MSI p35 platinum, same ahci effect here, tried latest bios, no improvement
  4. No way making it work. The strange thing is previous version worked, despite what they have said here.
  5. Klite for XP, 7 codec pack + x64 addon for win7
  6. Sure, Its better then Vista, will keep XP installed on Vmware, just in case I need some program that isn't 7 friendly And offcourse x64 variant of it (althought driver finding and driver installs are driving me crazy)
  7. I try disabling acceleration, to no affect. I will try resolution change, thanx
  8. No I have never tried to use VirtualBox so far, so I am unacostumed to it. I was hoping the problem was in some pre check up that can be mended with a reg entry, at least on temp basis. If anyone has any idea, please share it, however farfetched it might seem. I will try VirtualBox tommorow to see if same error occurs there. EDIT: I found a hint that disabling the video acceleration in the VMWare settings will enable PowerDVD to work, will test it out as well.
  9. That would explain why graphic card and sound card are not working. But doesn't explain why wifi card or modem is not working. I as well have info that are at best sketchy, so perhaps the best way to start about this is to go to technet forum and ask directly.
  10. I have a problem starting PowerDVD 9 on Vmware (XP SP3 host OS). It installs properly, but it starts (I see it from task manager running processes only, nothing on screen being displayed), and then exits. I need it to start in order to test if it is configured properly, since I deploy it preconfigured. It all works fine outside virtual machine OS, but the problem is I cannot be sure I preconfigured the silent install properly if I dont have a clean system Anyone can help out?
  11. Why doesn't the WinPE initialise the drivers for e.g. sound card properly? I thought it was due to dlls not being registered properly...

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