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  1. likwit

    nLite configuration

    Here is mine. I've left all services and components that you might need for software compatibility in, all the rest is removed creating a very slim installation. So no themes or whatsoever. For XP Professional x64 only asdasd.ini
  2. likwit

    Windows 7 support

    Will you be working on Windows 7 support nuhi, since the beta is available now? Could be pretty sweet.
  3. likwit

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Can't seem to find 'classic start menu'.. in the tweak section it used to be there.
  4. Your disk is infected with malware, spyware and viruses. Throw it away as soon as possible!!!! If you didn't do so within 2 days after using it you MUST destroy your computer with a sledgehammer.
  5. Visual effects disabling had no effect on my latest nLite iso of RC 1.2. Still having trouble with WLAN... the WLAN program installs fine now, but it won't run. No error whatsoever, just nothing happens when I start it. ****, wish I still had wired LAN lol
  6. Thanks for another great freeware program that really improves my computing experience, every time I use XP! Windows is so much slimmer and thus a lot faster. I'm having trouble getting my Wireless internet working on an nLited XP... and I'm not sure if I need all the stuff nLite covers up when I select that I need Wireless... so I have to try and find out which I do and don't require.. Also there seems to be something removed that f***s up the install of my wireless software (that detects and connects to the WLAN). Some troubles but I'll work it out, maybe with some help from the community.
  7. Even though I'd like to use this small and fast XP version forever, I'll need to upgrade to vista because of DX10. And with an nlite for Vista it won't be so bad, so I can remove the bloatware and unneeded crap.
  8. I would like to test the new beta too, please. Thanks
  9. If it's faster or more functional for me (or faster than Microwin) I would go through the hassle. If I get a decent walkthrough to install it. Why not. Good luck Aegis. Can't wait to try this.
  10. maybe you could ask nuhi or make thread in the nlite section
  11. I cant wait!!! I'm waiting to reinstall windows when you release it.
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