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  1. DHCP client service in MINI-XP/

    I think, you have been use warez stuff. if you want small XP footprint, use legal windows XP source & reduce it with nlite.
  2. I cant install my webcam

    @At0mic, actually, your problem is same with mine when the first time i make nlite CD. I'm sure if you didn't remove usb audio it will be OK. Or may be you can try manually update usb audio driver from device manager (it could be show as "other device"), and give it your manufacturer sound card driver that already exist on hardware driver list. or for safe, i agree with @TD suggestion just try & try to get the best configuration for your own system.. nlite is the best software for customizing XP, thanks to Nuhi.
  3. I cant install my webcam

    is it using usb or attached on laptop monitor??? I'm using webcam too that attached on my laptop, and it work with manucfacturer driver. try not to remove usb support (audio & ethernet) on your last_session.ini (this is what i did on my nlite CD). I hope this will help.. & good luck
  4. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Honestly, i'm not a programmer. I agree with your oppinion, gdogg.. I like using windows on my laptop, even I'm familiar with debian linux, but it was long time ago when i'm in college (maybe like SLM). Now, i'm just a windows XP user who doesn't like complexity visual style and wasting memory for unused feature. That's why I'm very interresting on this project, i've already try xplite and when i'm join msfn, i found nlite (thank to nuhi)... and finally I found this forum.. sorry.. it's just a story of my life
  5. How lite is your xp?

    mine is about 191MB for winxp pro sp2, ie explorer,inculding ryanRVM pack 2.0.4, 7zip, adobe acrobat reader 7.0.5.
  6. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    I hope so... can't wait for trying on my pc
  7. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Thanks spazmire11 for your great work & your time.. From my experience, oracle 9i is need odbc. But I still don't know which file is needed for make it working properly. And for MapInfo 8, with nlited XP pro sp2, i have never found any problem.
  8. [Question] - Still Security flaws in sp2?

    For slip streaming, you can use nlite or hfslip or xpcreate or manual way if you never try, you will never know happy slipstreaming...
  9. Hi, is there anyone can help me??? I've install nfs most wanted black edition on my laptop. everything OK, I can play quick race & others session except on career mode. But, I have a problem when career mode, the game always crash (suddenly exit to windows) when buy new car after picked up by Mia (after blow up BMW engine on the race). What should i do to fix this problem??
  10. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Thank you very much gdogg... I'll be waiting for microwinX release...
  11. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Sorry, i'm not on line in the weekend anyway thanks to gdogg & spazmire11. Yes, I just used nlited XP on my own laptop. By the way, Am I still can get microwinX when it published? I have plan to use it for my pc at home which have not nlited yet. I hope Nuhi give me permission. I like this forum....
  12. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    Thank You spazmire11... So, I can't use microwinX at the office here is the download link: Map Info 8 Oracle 9i but, i still want to try it for my desktop at home.
  13. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    gdogg.. is the microwinX can work for microsoft access, mapinfo 8, and oracle 9i? I really want to try it. how many longer we must waiting to use the slimmest windows??
  14. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    hurry up gdogg... I can't stand any longer... I need your creation (microwinx) for my laptop. I hope it can make all of my software for work can be more stable & faster.
  15. Best laptop company

    ASUS... I use A6Ne with XP pro sp2 nlited +oracle 9i