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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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beta 2.5 will be using nlite 1.0 rc2 last_session.ini's now.

cause its just alot more, i say, with a new ryanvm 2.0, this is very good stuff. along with that thread with using programs as hotfix intergation, this is a great time for nlite.

beta 2.5 will included , application patches, working driver cleanup, and slight registry cleanup (in addition to the current in beta 2.0)

well, please wait until i say beta 2.5 is ready for testers before making a request.

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gdogg,have you tried Planet nVidia's nForce 1/2/3 remix driver pack? (www.planetnvidia.com)

It's much,much better than the standard one you recommend on the first page in this thread.

It includes a much better and stable audio mixer and the latest stable drivers for your motherboard (even if some are not WHQL,they are thoroughly tested by members of the site forums)

Included in this pack is also an optimised nVidia graphics driver that's better than the standard one from nVidia

(something like Omega Drivers for ATi cards)

I can't wait to test this 2.5 beta (themeless) version.First nLite 1.0rc2,then RVM 2.0 pack,then this - woohoo! :)

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silent night micro burner 4.0:

comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, imaadp32.acm, msadp32.acm, msg711.acm, msgsm32.acm, tssoft32.acm, l3codeca.acm, tsd32.dll

PROBLEM: works, but needs EXTREME long loading times (5 minutes !!!)

sodipodi 0.34

need to copy zlib1.dll & libgmodule-2.0.0.dll from \program files\common files\gtk\2.0\bin to sodipodi folder

rename zlib1 into zlib-1.dll

comctl32.dll, wsock32.dll, imm32.dll



comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, wsock32.dll



msvbvm60.dll, olepro32.dll


mobile master:

in windows\system32 folder: mfc42.dll, scrrun.dll, asycfilt.dll

in program folder:

msvbvm60.dll, mshflxgd.ocx, asycfilt.dll, oledlg.dll, comdlg32.dll, vb6de.dll, olepro32.dll, comctl32.ocx, netmsg.dll, msdatsrc.tlb, stdole2.tlb, richtx32.ocx, riched20.dll, riched32.dll , mfc42.dll, scrrun.dll, mscomctl.ocx

I would like to run this program ... TRIAL version here: http://www.mobile-master.com/download/down.html

works!! (something strange: mobilemaster ALWAYS kills filemon!!! even if the program does startup normally, it kills the filemon process ... very strange!!!)


comctl32.dll, imm32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, msvfw32.dll, avifil32.dll, stdole32.tlb

now works!!


avifil32.dll, winspool.drv, msvfw32.dll, comdlg32.dll



comdlg32.dll, winspool.drv



comdlg32.dll, oledlg.dll, winspool.drv starting already


+(in windows\system32\, quartz.dll, devenum.dll?, maybe some others, couldn't find devenum.dll in backupfolder)



need to copy xmlparse.dll & xmltok.dll from \program files\common files\gtk\2.0\bin to gimp\bin folder

wsock32.dll, imm32.dll



comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, riched20.dll

now works

exact audio copy (EAC):

comdlg32.dll, wsock32.dll



comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, perfctrs.dll, olepro32.dll

PROBLEM: program starts scanning, but then crashes (100% cpu), speedfan.enu/speedfan.enu.dll maybe missing? don't know ...

maybe vmware is the problem ...

bad day today ...


fixed sodipodi & gimp

mobile master is die hard ... grrr ... this program is driving me nuts


okay now I'm totally nuts but I've got it working ... yeehaaa ;-)

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How can you tell which DLLs are needed? Is there a way to get a list or do you keep trying to run the program, get a missing DLL error message, add the DLL, then repeat this cycle until the program runs?


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How can you tell which DLLs are needed? Is there a way to get a list or do you keep trying to run the program, get a missing DLL error message, add the DLL, then repeat this cycle until the program runs?


using filemon and regmon, filter/highlight on "not found"

search those files, copy those files, check again ... and so on

sometimes very difficult (mobile master e.g.)

some programs are very easy (they tell me which files are missing)

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Micro Burner starts in 5 minutes? lol What could be delaying it for that long? It's similar like when you disable some driver(s) with ServiWin and it freezes up for a long while,until it finally gives up and starts...but does it burn then? :)

About Nero 7 - forget it,it's a piece of sh**

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I don't know why it is delaying that much ...

it seems to stop responding, but cpu usage is 0% on that task and in general ... then after ~5minutes it is ready

I don't know if it is able to burn (I guess it loads all necessary files on startup) because I only test that stuff in vmware because I don't have a spare pc here where to test it ...

I only check whether the program starts or not, I do NOT test the functionality!

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goldwave 5.09:

dsound.dll, wsock32.dll, winspool.drv, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll


realplayer 10.5:

pncrt.dll, dciman32.dll, ntmarta.dll, setupapi.dll, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll, urlmon.dll, psapi.dll

PROBLEM: starts, but not working properly

bender 2.31a:

avifil32.dll, msvfw32.dll, comctl32.dll, opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, dciman32.dll


netscreen remote (vpn tool):

wsock32.dll, mfc42.dll, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll


pcinspector file recovery:

comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll


easy studio 2.0:

imm32.dll, winspool.drv, mfc71enu.dll, mtxdm.dll, comres.dll

PROBLEM: program starts but then immediately closes

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thanks, i appreciate everyones support of this project.

I am reinstalling themed version in a few.

beta 2.5 will be great. Thanks to digitalfrost for his great work making microwinx partially work (so far) without the need for a second installed windows.

beta 2 will also shrink down omega drivers, as they made a mess :P

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