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UA Registry Tweakage DOTNET (0.4 Released)

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Crash hit it on the head i think

maybe even just use a plain REG format and have some comment lines be parsed for default on/off setting, author/date, and the check boxes should uncomment the needed tweaks, and allow to export the new copy of the reg file like a profile.

this is a good start for a ton of tweaks


i also like the TweakFX idea, except Tweakage's interface is a little cleaner, the thing that p***es me off about TweakFX is that all the stuff is VB script, and although it is in a standard XML format so tweaks can be easily added, there is still no export option or profiles, just some weird "track registry changes" mode that attempts to catch the tweaks as they are applied with VBS...wtf was the author thinking!??

http://tweakfx.net/ ...this thing would be ideal with a reg export and profiles and unattended switches, and maybe with a better usable parser of standard reg files, or even a concatenator for many small reg tweak files.

i'd like something like this

;Author: Leon

;Date: 10/23/05

;Description: Diable Compress Old Files on Disk Cleanup

;[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches\Compress old files]

all the checkbox would do is to remove the comment before the reg string. maybe it's just me, I like things simple, non-proprietary, and scalable.


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What is Registry Tweaker?

Registry Tweaker is a tool, for optimizing and customizing Windows platforms. The main difference from other tweakers is how the tweaks are represented to user. Every Tweak works transparently, this means that user can see which key and value will be modified. Program reads data from databases, which is also in plain text, so you can modify it in notepad for example. That is why you can add your own custom Tweaks.

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if any one can get me the source code of this tool i can improve it and support it i think it is nice one and i can build a new one but it will take a really time so if any one can get me the source i gan do really god improvments


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Is there any way to separate HKLM and the others?

EDIT: got it. Seems a bit time-consuming. First I choose HKLM tweaks, save as 1 reg file. Then, choose the rest ...

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