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UA Registry Tweakage DOTNET (0.4 Released)

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Versions To Date:

v0.1 beta

v0.2 beta

v0.3 beta

Latest Version:

v0.4 beta

What Is It? Does It Do?

RT.Net contains lots of registry tweaks. The GUI is checkbox/textbox based with 18 sections of tweaks to browse through. When you have selected all the tweaks you want you can click the compile button and they will be compiled onto the screen for you to view. There is also an option after you have compiled to save the file to your drive. In the new versions you have the option to save your selections so you dont have to start from scratch all the time. It is also a standalone .exe file and doesnt require installation.

Changes In 0.4

. If an invalid file is loaded, error is shown and program is reset.

. Re-worded tweaks and code so they are more relevant to there purpose.

. Textfields restore to default if edited and blank.

. Sorted tweaks into more organized sections.

. Re-coded Services section.

. Updated check buttons to toggle.

. Updated GUI.

. Catagorised Header, now displayed automatically if a tweak from that section is selected.

. Clear all settings to start a NEW profile feature added.

. Removed un-needed entries (Keys which are created automatically).

. Removed Tweaks which cause harm or do not work correctly.

. Fixed some Tweaks.

Changes In 0.5 beta


Fixed minor bugs 26/06/05:

- Multimedia - HKCU button not selecting a tweak.

- Context Menus - HKLM button not selecting anything.

- Media Player - HKLM button not selecting a HKLM tweak.

As always if you find any errors or problems with the current version or have any feedback please leave it.

Download Below


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Holy sh*t, this looks great!

I tried something as well with .INF files, but this one does a greater job with a nice GUI.

Since I don't know how you internally stored your tweaks, maybe you can use my .INF file for a little inspiration? I don't know how flexible your tool is coded, but an option to export to INF instead of REG would make your tool by far the #1 long-term-tweak-tool!

Thumbs up!


Found few minor bugs:

- Multimedia --> HKCU button is not selecting the 4th one.

- Context menus --> HKLM button is not selecting anything.


- Appearance --> Default Desktop Wallpaper --> Add a 'browse' button next to the textfield

- All fields --> Make a 'direct link' next to the checkbox, which points you to a URL which explains the tweak, i.e. to a Winguides.com link or to some MS Knowledgebase article.

- All fields --> Add 'hover' text to the labels, which describes the tweak.

Major suggestion:

- Compile to INF file as well.


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yes you can save an .INF in the same way you can save a .REG. It isnt in the same very confusing format that you have specified in your attachment but it works very well and my friends and myself havent come across any problems.

New file is attached with small bug fixes which have being brought up, more info on first page.

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Great work Mike, it looks realy good.

But most of the right click functions still don't work for me.

Do you have any idea what could't be the problem?

:thumbup keep up the good work

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