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  1. hummmm that's an important problem I see. Ok I'll translate it !
  2. I made similar utility : usermaker see here : http://www.win-web.be/forum/index.php?showtopic=2732
  3. ok I'll make a big config file this week with all functions.
  4. little bug corrected.. Now working on every computer.. re-download it sorry for this bug
  5. updated topic ! new version available
  6. oups I forgot this topic don't worry. I'll translate it myself..
  7. ce n'est rien si tu as des suggestions à faire , n'hésite pas
  8. there is already an application like this=> xp-registry v2.1 http://www.win-web.be/forum/index.php?showtopic=2674 can applicate/export modification.. and read actual windows registry to set what is un/checked. (only in french edition )
  9. thanks for your suggests.. v0.8 is out !.. see the first post
  10. Updated ! (XPlode output integrated)

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