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  1. The TweakNT program you linked to isn't the same one. The one I am talking about is hard to find because it is, lets say frowned upon. It looks like this link
  2. I know there was a program called TweakNT and it allowed you to switch between versions. Is that what you are looking for?
  3. It could have possibly one of the many projects people create (there were many on OSBA), or as said above could just be someone referring to Millenium Edition.
  4. HybridShadow


    In Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings is Automatically detect settings on or off. Try alternating this to see if it helps you. Go through your add-ons to see if any bad ones are there, try running IE7 in no-addons mode and try that for 5-10 minutes. You could clear your cache.
  5. I'm not sure if it can do that. If it can that would be really good, and save a lot of time (and finding bits of paper with the right key on it). @tap52384: Find a program called Rock XP, it works on Vista and will show you your license key.
  6. On the action pack website Windows Vista Business has four *'s which means: ****In some regions, Microsoft will provide the UPGRADE version of the Windows Vista desktop operating system in the Action Pack, which is consistent with how this product is distributed to our Volume Licensing Program customers. I would contact them, shouldn't it have come with two discs one for x64 and one for x86.
  7. I'm using a Radeon 9550 256mb card and I would advise (like others above) go for a higher card, it is one of the lowest cards supported in Vista (keeps your rating down to 2.1) It will be worth paying the extra money to get a 9600pro
  8. Copy it somewhere safe then delete it (or rename it) check your email to see if it is still doing it. If that fixes it then just import your old emails from the copy you made.
  9. I updated the BIOS and Windows XP setup detected the drive. But when it shows the boot screen for the first time after setup copies all the files I get a blue screen.
  10. I'm running a crusty Acer 3000 laptop with a 55gb hard drive, it's about a year old and it's BIOS doesn't support booting from a usb device. Bugger, since I've just inherited a 120gb hard drive which i've shoved into an enclosure. I've googled around for possible solutions to my problem, the most viable being to create a bootable floppy with a script that lets it boot from the usb drive. There are two problems with this - 1) I don't have a floppy disk drive, and 2) even if I did I wouldn't want to go through all that just to start the system. I know there are other ways to do it. Unfortunatley I don't have the patience to read through masses of articles and forum topics to find a solution. I've tried to flash the BIOS with an update that I found on the Acer site (after spending what seemed like hours of frustration trying to find driver downloads), but it only updated support for SCSI and bluetooth. ****. I did find a copy of Phoenix BIOS - no idea if it's an updated version, though. I'd greatly appreciate any help with this. UPDATE: I got through the text based setup fine, but when it goes to boot windows I get a Blue Screen with the code 0x0000007B My next step is to stop that Blue Screen
  11. Why do you need to remove the core? What is it doing to you?
  12. Welcome. ---- This oddly has the same title and post layout as many other spam threads I have seen. Sorry, but i'd thought i'd mention it. ----
  13. Yeah, and the people Digging Myspace blogs
  14. Could I get matt5108 to HybridShadow I also want it to change the login username also.
  15. I want to stop WLM from being able to connect. Is there anything I can add to the computers HOSTS file or in the routers Settings? Thanks
  16. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But i'd just like to share that I am starting my own forum http://hybridshadow.com/forum/index.php But i don't know much about skinning IPB, and i would like if I can get a community going and then get some people to help me with it. One of the things is that when you get 40 posts a new section will open "Beta Testing Realm" where you can download some special things. I don't mean for this to be spam but I just want to get a community started and try and run a forum, it's also for my multimedia cert 2 course - well she's letting me do this and i'm also getting some acreditation for it. -Thanks
  17. I rang them [Australian] and they were very nice to me. I'd try the making up a story as i dont think the people on the phone would do that because they can get in trouble. Its an OEM licence so it would mean that its for your computer only, just tell them and they should give you a new CD key. I got 2 of the one I spoke to both valid, i said the first one didnt work [it didnt but then i realised my 8 looked like a B]
  18. The cmd file must be corrupt, try and get it of your XP cd, it may be named cmd.ex_ , just run a search on the xp cd for cmd you should find it. If it is ex_ then you need to rename the extension to something like rar or zip then extract the file because obviously you cant use the dos based expand program.
  19. Yes it ended up being the hosts file, I would now recommend that no one use programs like I mentioned in my above post. Now when I displaydns i see some sites I recently went to and my Google Toobar Favourites?? But all is good my ADSL2+ that has been slowed to 64k is running as quick as it can lol. Its funny now having the full "64k" it feels really fast, I cant wait for 6 days when my bandwidth counter is reset
  20. Thank you There were alot in the file They reference to this and claim to be added from WinHelp2002 Here is a link i found in Google http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm It also says a hosts file larger than 135k slows down the computer, mine is over 400k. They had a work around but i am just going to clear it out and not worry about it. [Possibly check it every now and then over the next few days] But when i get vista im going to reformat anyway so if anything is left from the virus or the hosts file it will be gone. Thank you for getting back to me. I did have a picture attached but it didnt upload, i didn't even know this topic finished uploading. I will let you know if a still get those sites in ipconfig /displaydns
  21. I had a virus the other day and now when I type ipconfig /displaydns It has all these weird sites, I think that is whats causing problems and not letting me access some sites.
  22. I had a virus the other day and now when I type ipconfig /displaydns It has all these weird sites, I think that is whats causing problems and not letting me access some sites.
  23. You could try opening it in reshacker. That may help you a bit.
  24. Download it and double click it. PS - No need to quote the entire first post.

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