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Winamp 5.24 Msi Release


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I tested these...none of them work

I went to the Winamp forums and asked about it.

Alanoll...do you care to take a guess what DJ Egg had to say about it?

Something along the lines of....

Just use: Winamp51_*.exe /S

Those other switches were never actually implemented and are now defunkt.

For uninstall, use: Winamp.exe /UNREG

I take it?

And actually, I'll probably get to it tomorrow before i continue writing code. I had to capture the install again, since there are technically new components that need to be added (which also means more switches)

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Hey Alanoll, thx for the new release. I only got one problem with the new installer.

It creates the shortcuts on my harddisk F:\. There it creates the folders Desktop and Start Menu\Programs with an winamp.lnk inside. What can that be? My systemdrive is C:\. On drive F:\, there are my audio and video files. This is my Install.ini:


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It didn't do it with the previous installer? If need be I can send you a link to one of the prior versions for checking. As far as I'm aware, the only shortcuts being created, are done so by the Windows Installer API using the system variables %AllUsersProfile% and %UsersProfile%.


I'll check it out. It could jsut be how you're using it. If you're using a switch that is superceded by another (using XINTEX=0 while using XFULL=1) then the superceding switch takes precedence (XFULL in the example).

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