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Winamp 5.24 Msi Release


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Euhm: @ Alanoll don't get me wrong, but is it difficult to make such an msi file? Perhaps you can show how you did it. Perhaps asking you this is stupid, or perhaps there is a thread which explains how to do this. Yup am still a noob, but I prefer not to use Autoit scripts, coz on some machines it works and suddenly it doesn't work.

Perhaps you can explain how you do this magic work of creating msi files and then we can get on with our lives. :D

Anyway: A big thanks for the previous version 5.21.



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apparently, by providing the ISM file so OTHERS could update the MSI, has failed.

people have tried to RENAME the file to a MSI and get upset when it doesn't work.

ISM is the Installshield project file for the MSI. The new Winamp versions from5.21 - 5.24 are practically the same, just updated files. Someone could verywell have taken the initiative to update the files themselves and release it.

For those wanting to know how I created the MSI, look at the ISM. It's pretty straight forward. You shouldn't have to update any scripts, just add in new properties if you add a new component and new compoents for files. It's REALLY simple.

As for getting the files, all I did was log the installation and copied the files over. Use whatever tool you wish, the end result should be similar

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@Alanoll, tell me if this is right...

XREGAUD seems to be currently defaulting to a value of 1

XTINYFULL doesn't seem to function at all

My full install string is this:

MSIEXEC /i "Winamp_v5.24.msi" /qb! XName="Current User" XKey="###KEY####" XDesktop=0 XQuicklaunch=1 XInet=0 XSepProfiles=0 XLibrary=1 XHotkey=1 XModernSkin=1 XAudio=1 XVideo=1 Xavs=1 Xextra=1 XAudioCD=1 XRegAud=0 XRegPLS=1

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Hi folks.

I have just finished creating a silent/unattended/normal installer for Winamp.

It's not like the Alanoll's MSI versions: you won't be able to select what to install or not. I did make a selection: Winamp Agent, Dashboard, "Now Playing", Predixis MagicMusic, ShoutcastWire, eMusic will not be installed.

Instead, a few plugins (4) will be: Winamp Essentials, Dynamic Library, Time restore/Autoplay, SingleClick'n'Play have been included.

Also 6 design skins (not just a bunch of skins!) have been included.

It installs in just One click or with a switch it will be silent. With a second switch the silent install won't even show a progressbar.

The installer will work at any time in the Windows Setup stage, so also T13 (like Alanoll's).

I actually created this for my girlfriend who's not in the country for a while. But since many people want an installer for Winamp I will release it on MSFN. It will be online 2night.

Ok I've released it: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=87690

and the website (not finished): http://dvd.yardcure.com/easyinstallers/

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