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  1. thanks for your reply, just got back from work, will check all this info tonight. looks very promising
  2. Hello, My friend just got a job from home and they will be giving her a new PC (that's actually older and less performant than her current personnal one). So she wants to keep both computers one beside another, and switch from home to work in the most seamless way. I never done this, but I know it's possible, to have switch boxes to switch signal for the screen or keyboard, but I dont want her to end up with 3-4-5 switches to switch the screen, sound, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. I'd like to hear your suggestions on the most efficient way to acchieve this. Do all-in-one solutions exists? Please put some links to related products if you know of any because I don't really know what I'm looking for so googling something I don't even know how to call is hard hehe. In this situation, cost is a factor to consider too. Thanks.
  3. How can I disable the big slideshow button that's inconveniently placed right between the previous picture and next picture buttons? I accidentally click on it very often and it's about as frustrating as hitting the windows key while gaming. Thanks
  4. Wow, it's not even 2 months since I got my computer back. Then, overnight, something happened and this morning I can't start it because I get BEEEEEP BEEP BEEP. 1 short and 2 long beeps, which means a video adapter problem. I know it's not a powersurge because my comp was plugged to an APC ups and it still works fine. I've seen surged powerbars and they do not work and they smell burned, here is not the case. Am I that unlucky? Is it possible that the new gfx I got in replacement of the old defect one, was defect too?
  5. Hi everyone. I am connected to the internet with Videotron as ISP, and for some times there had been a little app that would tell us our monthly internet usage. Now that tiger and vista are out, i realise that somebody converted that old app into a nifty little dashboard widget for his macOSX friends, though nothing came out for vista yet (this is user developped program, not isp work). After looking a while on google I only found an application that would convert Google Widgets to either macOSX or Vista, but not from OSX to Vista. Can anyone tell me if there is a program or an easy way to convert a mac widget to windows vista gadget? I don't have any programmation knowledge but I still can manage to copy-paste stuff and do a little editing if needed. Thanks for your replies
  6. Thanks for all the replies, with links and all, I'll take time to read everything. This seem like a HUGE problem. I just hope they fix this asap because here ppl are making a push to switch all Office suites to OpenOffice and I love the ribbon Thanks
  7. it reads 77,1 it's in decimal... 77,1
  8. In windows, if you open calculator and multiply 850*77,1=65535 In Excel 2007, if you multiply 850*77,1=62065,5 some people, in a legit Excel 2007 Enterprise edition, get a result of 100000!!! What's up with that? Can anyone here confirm this? How can we make sure Excel is calculating right? Btw my version is up-to-date, I can't tell for the enterprise one but still it's both answers are far from the right answer.
  9. Changed de drive letter in HK user and I don't know if it was already like that but they were fixed when I got to the HK current user ones. About to reboot, hope it worked And... it... WORKED!! many many thanks to you for this simple solution. I would have never known which key to fix. You are my hero of the day
  10. While sleeping I thought of a way that maybe could solve my problem without having to reformat or reinstall. I don't have time to try it this morning but tell me what you think. Simply: creating a new user profile, putting it administrator like my current profile. Then switch to the new one which should have all the correct documents and favorites folders in c:. Then moving them to D: and that should be it. I could then delete my old user profile. Could it be that simple? could it work?
  11. Hi, I just reinstalled windows vista 64bit, and the 1st thing I moved my documents and favorites and all those folders there in E:\user\. I also changed the drive's letter to D: since I wanted my 2 main drives to have following letters. But now I can't install Opera because it says some error 1325 Documents is not a valid short file name. it also seems to do this in office installation, about the favorite folder. Is there a way to recreate those folders in the c:\user\ emplacement so I can at least install programs? What the hell is that, it's the 1st time it happens and I've redirected all my documents folders from all my previous xp or vista installs without any problems. How can I fix this? Thanks
  12. yeah I guess he said GTS, cause i know I heard G and S and since it's only 8600GT or GTS.... but my old one was not a 7900 GTS but a GTO, it was the factory overclocked version of the GT anyway, anything is better than no computer at all, was about to go there with an old GF2 just to get my rig back! (no, in fact i went to the gamestore and bought a Nintendo Wii)
  13. Hey everyone Just to do a little follow up on the story. It's about 2 months since I sent my rig to the store and they detected the problem with my 7900GTO. Asus doesnt have replacement parts cause too many broke. After lots of paperwork and lost of times, I got 1 choice: take 200$ or a 8600GTS so I guess I got a new card that supports DX10 and (i didnt looked at the specs) i guess is better thant what I had. hope all works for good once I get my desktop back
  14. Ok my friend got a really strange problem with her desktop icon, it keeps disappearing. Each time, I set it back with one of the different methods I found while googling out, but it seems it's a recuring problem. Sometimes, it just disappears from the quickstart, sometimes the icon stay there but loses the link (and thus its "desktop icon" look. What's happening? What can I do to restore it permanently!
  15. exactly. Nlite was the least know widespread virus. Now that Avast detects us, we will have to go back in hiding and develop a new version of this virus so powerfull it can remove components from the core of windows!! Imagine, you could end up with a 700MB xp install, without windows live messenger and any games!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!
  16. See, that's the spirit I had before! but I guess i would not know any other brand to turn to. Except MSI
  17. Toshiba seem to be very good and tough, if you can afford them. I found Dell had a very good price/quality ratio, and offered more user-friendly customisation (on their website) compared to Acer. It's my 2nd dell laptop since 2000 and the first one is still working well (sold it to a friend to buy this new one im' on) one thing though, i recommend taking the Complete Care warranty since it's the only one that covers mostly any kind of accident (spills, dropped down the stairs, cracked lcd, etc). And take it for 3 years since all that has to break will break before that. It seems strange since having to use the warranty should means the computer is not that great. Part of that is true, but I still consider that dropping your comp in the stairs still is a possible casualty, as is the cat-dropping-the-coffey-cup. But I can tell they have a very fast repair service and that it never took more thant 1 week (7 open days) to send the thing AND get it back.
  18. yeah I know, it's probably not all Asus's fault, but hey, it's their name on the box so this is what happens. The reasons it's taking so long is because the computer shop doesnt carry the asus gfx card I had so he could not replace it and had to send it for replacement. Same happened with my mobo but this time because they were out of stock and waiting for shipment. my mobo is an M2N32SLI-Deluxe Wireless Edition, and it's on a 700watt enermax power supply. What went wrong is was a manufacturing problem (they said), which resulted in strange bsod and hours of troubleshooting in order to find out it was the north-something-bridge-controler (whatever) that was causing the trouble. Full replacement of the part. this time it seems it's the ram on my graphic card that burned up or something. Maybe it's not asus that makes them, but I mean, it's a strange and deceitful coincidence that the first and seconds, well all of the 2 pieces that broke in my 3000$ rig had ASUS on the box. So sorry if it's not all of Asus faults, I just had to blow some steam since I can't play any FPS (which where used to blow some steam)
  19. I just wanted to start a topic to tell everyone how I now hate ASUS. I bought a new 3000$ computers last august, with an incredible asus board, and a kickass asus nvidia 7900 video card. Now, after 9 months, I have already spend 1 month and a half withouth my comp because 1- my mobo needed replacement, then 2- my gfx card needed replacement. I talked to a lot of people, (including comp shop owner) and everyone was surprised (in a bad way) at how last summer's Asus releases sucked. He had to replace so much mobo and other cards that he just stopped recommending Asus. Asus used to be a great company, providing excellent and reliable pieces of equipment, justifying the high prices their parts are. But now how about paying that much for junk? Shame on you ASUS, cause you now SUCK and I'll remember the money and time I wasted on your brand next time anyone will need my advices for a computer. I had a cheap 35$ SIS card that lasted for more than a decade without problems, I was not expecting a top of the line 200$+ mobo to be worst, but it seems possible for an Asus! Asus should realise how important it is to always release quality products, cause when some comp shop owners, or geeks like me who always get to build all it's family pc's, when those kind of people turn their back on your brand and loses trust in your name, it's bad, and it's gonna be long to win back.
  20. Look here for informations I just googled about the different vista builds. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...ns/default.mspx The N stands for the "light" version of vista which doesnt have WMP and maybe some other stuff. You don't want that, nobody want's it, they were just forced to do it by the EU else they would have [more] fines to pay.
  21. I should have said I don't like using Norton products
  22. Hi, I just finished setup my friends computer with my unattended cd and realised I had not created partitions before. As I have installed all the softwares, I don't want to start over from the beginning. I know there are solutions like Partition Magic, that can help me resize the system partition in order to create an extended partition, but I've got some trouble with it in the past and I want to stay away. I was told about Acronis's Partition Expert. I was told about booting with the 1st disc of a linux distro and using the partition utility there to resize the system partition then create a new extended partition. This should work without forcing me to reinstall windows. What do you think? Which way is the safest? More efficient? Thanks
  23. just a bump, I'm sure there is other things to check or try that I don'T know of... I can't believe something as simple as muting a mike can come up with such unexpected results, there must be something I did wrong or didn't do? Are there other options I didn't try?
  24. I want to use teamspeak or something like that to game with my friends. The problem is that I keep hearing myself in my speakers while I talk, which produces feedbacks. In sound option -playback control has the microphone muted, and any other inputs -recording control has the microphone selected as the only input source. Then why does it keep playing the **** microphone in my speakers as I speak even if my sound option is to mute microphone playback?? And it's not related to teamspeak it happens in msn and even in the windows sound setup tests. This is really annoying! Can anyone help? I don't want to use a headphone set since I got a nice 5.1 speakers kit and a stereo mike right in front on my screen. EDIT: I'm on a SB X-Fi XtremeMusic Thanks

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