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Winamp 5.24 Msi Release


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Alrighty, here it is.


This MSI is meant as a complete replacement for the NSIS installer for Winamp. It is a complete recreation of the installer in the Windows Installer format. This conversion allows for command-line switches to be used.

NOTE: This installer is not SILENT by default. You must still use /qb or /qn like you normally would.


I'm lazy, and don't want to type up ALL the switches individually, so I believe I'll use an image.


The switches are in the colum just to the RIGHT of all the components. They match up with the components they're in line with.

Additional switches are

Xfull = Install ALL components.
XName = Username for Pro registration
XKey = Product Key for Pro registration
XDesktop = Creates the Desktop shortcut; Default is 1
XQuicklaunch = Creates the Quicklaunch shortcut; Default is 0
XStartmenu = Creates the Startmenu shortcuts; Default is 1
XAllShort = Creates all shortcuts; Default is 0
XSkinsetting = Specify the SKIN to use in Winamp.
XINET = Specifies what internet connection you want. 0 = Always; 1 = Modem; 2 = Not Connect. Default is 2
XREGAUD = Associate Audio extensions. Default = 0; Any other will disable
XREGVID = Associate Video extensions. Default = 0; Any other will disable
XSEPPROFILES = Seperate Profiles for each User. Default = 0; =1 will Enable

Attached is an RTF file containing ALL available switches. You can also press the Help button on the Custom Setup screen, or type

msiexec.exe /a Winamp.msi
To bring up the same Help window.


To install a component, you MUST tell the installer to install it. By DEFAULT only the main executable (winamp.exe) is installed. All switches are =0. To signal to the installer to install a component, add the switch to the command line with =1.


To install Audio and Video

winamp.msi Xaudio=1 Xvideo=1

To install Agent

winamp.msi Xagent=1

If you wanted EVERYTHING then use

winamp.msi Xfull=1

and everything will be installed.

The ONLY ones this does not apply to are XName,XKey, and XSkinsetting. They are all strings, so use whatever you're supposed. If you used "Joe User" to register Winamp, then use

winamp.msi Xname="Joe User" Xkey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

INI Usage:

Now for the fun part. New in this release is the ability to use an INI file rather then type it all out at the command line. This file can be called anything, and can be anywhere, because you specify where it is. If the path is not correct and it can't find the file, then the installer may perhaps error out on you.

INI Syntax:

XNAME=Joe User

I only included a set of the of arguments you could use. They are the exact same names and usage as from command line from above.

Save this file ANYWHERE you want, and call it ANYTHING[/] you want. As long as you know where and what it's called.

After you have create your INI file, start the install with

winamp.msi INI="%CDROM%\Unattend\MyINIFile.ini"

the quotes ( " ) are only neccesary when there are spaces, and when used MUST enclose the whole argument. %CDROM% does NOT have to be %CDROM%. If you're files are in %systemdrive%\install\winamp, then use

winamp.msi INI="%systemdrive%\install\winamp\winamp5.ini"

NOTE: IF you want to use CDDB functionality, you MUST set XINET to 0.


  • Shortcut Issue Fixed (unreported)
  • Modern Skin selection working now
  • Hotfix Plugin SHOULD be fixed
  • Updated to 5.092
  • Fixed Registration Screen PopUp on First Run
  • Fixed GUIDs allowing for upgrades from 5.091 to 5.092
  • Fixed Visualization INI entry
  • Updated to 5.093
  • Hopefully Fixed the SFC Error
  • Proper Working Directory for all Shortcuts now
  • Updated to 5.094
  • Updated to 5.1
  • Moved Shortcuts to ALLUSERS profiles
  • New switches added. Please view the attached RTF file
  • MSI Updated to 5.111
  • Forgot to add those new switches to INI support, fixed
  • MSI Updated to 5.12
  • MSI Updated to 5.21
  • MSI Updated to 5.24

Download Link: MSI File | CAB Files

Last Update: 3/12 18:32 GMT



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  • 1 month later...

but heres a question how could you tell it not to install some thing if you set it up that way ?

Instead of the current method of telling something to install, the switches would therefore be instead telling it to NOT install, ie instead of setting switches to =1 it'd be =0

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Cheers on the new build!!!

I would say an unintrusive everything...

Disable registering file extensions and disable the Winamp Agent.

So Winamp5093.msi /qb! /xagent=1 /regall=1 would be everything

Here's another idea...maybe a wildcard install switch.

I don't know if this is possible but maybe something like /STAR1=winamp.ini /STAR2=".\Plugins\ColorThemes\Winamp Modern\Forum Themes Collection.xml"

Maybe not...my eyes are sometimes bigger than my stomach ;)


Oh and disable the context menus!

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Would you prefer that the MSI defaulted everything to install, and then you DESELECT what you don't want? or everything not to install, and then SELECT what you do want?

I really appreciate the way you have it set up now: No by default, SELECT what you want. :yes: And thanks again for staying on top of this.

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a heckler is well a smart@ss. i saw in a an episode of home movies.but was just joshing(u know joking).thx alanoll for staying up to date with winamp.ur work is very appreciated!

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I would prefer everything on but since you have Xfull=1 it's not a problem. As long as I can deselect video and cd association (hope you remembered to add the switch you forgot in last msi ;) ). But I wish you find a way with those booleans to get a master switch to 1 but to let some minor switches be overwritten with the following lines if they are not 1. Like let's say, Xregaudio=1 and on the next line Xogg = 0 would overwrite only the 1 for the ogg file type and leave every other sound format to 1.

Leave the context menus alone! Or maybe do a switch to turn it on or off since everything is 0 by default, but I want it on when I install with Xfull=1. Again, here, it would be the best if someone could Xfull=1 and then overwrite the context menu setting with Xcontext=0 on the following line.

Now let's try this new msi, see if you got that cd playback switch there, and if it updates fine ;)

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I don't see it in switches.rtf though. Maybe you forgot to add the 3rd cd switch you were talking about? I want to disable cd association with winamp but still keep the cdplayback support and ripping stuff.

Everything is still ok except that cd association. I'd like the switch to be there. But is it normal it still says 5.092 everywhere? like on mouse over in the tray, in about, it still says 5.092 from may 26th. So did it really update or you just forgot to change the dates and version number?

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DANG IT!! I knew i would forget something, and of course it was those darn file versions in the MSI itself. The files themselves are 5.093, but the MSI still says 5.092.

As for the new switches, i didn't get a chance to add them, as i was trying to figure out a new way for the switches to operate.

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DANG IT!! I knew i would forget something, and of course it was those darn file versions in the MSI itself. The files themselves are 5.093, but the MSI still says 5.092.

As for the new switches, i didn't get a chance to add them, as i was trying to figure out a new way for the switches to operate.

so should we download the new version or not

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Hey Alanoll,

Thanks again for the release. Great work as always.

I think it's best the way that you have it - i.e. having to select what you DO want installed. That way if you want to make it a Winamp Lite plus a couple of addons, it's pretty easy to do this.


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Once Again:

big thx @ allanoll for keeping up with those guys at nullsoft!

just in time for me to still add it to my nearly finished UA. won't do much on that one for awhile so i'm pretty happy that this one still came in b4 i'm finished...

great job man! :)

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I'm sure by now you're getting tired of working in all the fixes, many thanks for your efforts w this release.

One small problem I have is that I can't get it to register the mp3 filetype properly, as in when double clicking a mp3 file nothing happens, winamp doesn't open.

The "open" command for the mp3 file type on install of the release registers this:

C:\Program Files\Winamp\\Winamp.exe "%1" seems to me like the double \ is the problem, when I remove it, it works as expected.

Wondering if you have any thoughts. Alanoll

The install syntax I've been using:

Winamp5092.msi Xaudio=1 XREGAUD=1 XREGPLS=1 XQuicklaunch=0 XStartmenu=0 Xregopt=1 /qn

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