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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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Everyone sorry I have been absent most of the time & I know I promised a new version, I still do intend to code my last version that incorporates everything that everyone has asked for, but at the moment I busy with examinations so I can't spend too much time on it :( But as soon as I have break I'll finish up that final version (maybey not final if it contains bugs ;) )

Nice work Gnome! Have gotten around to the above yet? I wish you luck on your finals. ;)

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@gnome sorry about not replaying. i been so busy ding things

Hmm... I haven't seen the bonus pack yet, but I'll search for it and then check it out and if it's possible(should be) I'll add the option....

ok and did you look and see at it?

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@kurt476: Sorry but try install it using svcpack or unattended.txt, that pack contains alot of content and it would be something completely seperate integrating it :blink:

@boooggy: Correct if I am wrong but SP1 doesn't contain wmp9 does it? :huh: Because that would explain the problem, the slipstreamer relies on wmp9 being present and the other problem is modifying WMP.INF will cause setup to stop with a error (WFP related), but I'll check what the difference is between Wmp8 and wmp10 and try to get it compatible...

I am almost done with my studying and then I'll add the new version ;)

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Just tried to use WMP10 Slipstreamer v3 and hit a snag. When MP10 is installed using MP10Setup I have no problems with my unattended installation. However, once I slipstream MPW10 using Slipstreamer v3 I get the infamous framdyn.dll and srclient.dll errors. My unattended installation has been done completely manually and works without error if WMP10 is not slipstreamed. Any ideas? :}


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Thanks for the link but I digested that trail before putting pen to paper. My issues isn't with nLite per se as my unattended installation has been done completely manual. I've also checked out RyanVM's website also.

From what I've seen, I'm guessing its got something to do with the sif and inf files that are modified by Slipstreamer v3. I'm currently having a play with nLite to see if a installation completely generated with it allows slipstreaming of WMP10 with Slipstreamer v3. I'll post the outcome (first guess would be that it works which means Slipstreamer v3 is looking for a sif and inf files with certain formatting).

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