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  1. I follow these easy steps to get F&P Sharing to work: A) Enable File and Printer Sharing Exception in the Windows Firewall (Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Exceptions Tab -> Check File and Printer Sharing). B ) Disable Simple File Sharing (Windows Explorer -> Tools Menu -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Uncheck Simple File Sharing) C) In Windows Explorer Right Click folder/drive/ect. you wish to share -> Sharing and Security -> Sharing Tab -> Click the Share This Folder Radio Button -> Enter your share name -> Click Permissions -> Cick on Everyone -> Click Remove. Now comes the part where you have to decide, what kind of users should be able to view this share? Usually for security reason mine is set to Administrator ONLY. This is how it's done for the Administrator: Click Add button -> Click the Advanced Button -> Click Find Now Button -> Pick the User Type when it's done searching (which in this case is Administrators (Your PC NAME)) -> Click OK button -> Click OK Button Now you decide what should this user class be able to do? Let's say you wish them to be able to Read and Modify files: Simply click the checkboxes next to the Action (ie. Check Read (where it says Allow) and Check Modify). You can add as many User Classes and their respective rights here, You can also select a Specific User there. Once More click OK. and Again. And Voila your Folder is shared on the LAN. Printers are Exactly the same Except you Right Click on the printer -> Properties and then Select Sharing and then it's just the same old same old. Now when you browse the Workgroup and select the PC it's going to ask you for the Username and Password Unless you chose Everyone as the Users Class (BE VERY CAREFULL!! USERS ON THE INTERNET CAN ACCESS YOUR FILES IF YOU DO THIS! Provided you are running your Internet connection bridged and it's on a ethernet connection, although this almost never happens it's possible...). If you want to avoid this sort of thing then simply create a user profile of the same name on each of the PC's (Ie. My username is Gnome of usertype Administrator and each PC in the Network has a User Gnome that is a Administrator). If your logged on as this user you can browse all the respective PC's that have your user class in their share and also present on their computer. Hope this makes sense....
  2. @kurt476: Sorry but try install it using svcpack or unattended.txt, that pack contains alot of content and it would be something completely seperate integrating it @boooggy: Correct if I am wrong but SP1 doesn't contain wmp9 does it? Because that would explain the problem, the slipstreamer relies on wmp9 being present and the other problem is modifying WMP.INF will cause setup to stop with a error (WFP related), but I'll check what the difference is between Wmp8 and wmp10 and try to get it compatible... I am almost done with my studying and then I'll add the new version
  3. @ RyanVM: Yes thanks . Next version won't be adding them.(as well as the inf entry you specified) Looking forward to the new update pack btw.
  4. @ponghy: Yes they are catalog files are added
  5. Everyone sorry I have been absent most of the time & I know I promised a new version, I still do intend to code my last version that incorporates everything that everyone has asked for, but at the moment I busy with examinations so I can't spend too much time on it But as soon as I have break I'll finish up that final version (maybey not final if it contains bugs )
  6. @ChipCraze23: The parameters are listed in parameters.txt but I'll add your example: H:\WMP\slipstreamer_v3.exe /i386dir="H:\TESTPCK\I386" /wmpdir="H:\WMP10\mp10.exe" /silent
  7. @booggy: I am looking into this right now EDIT: I'll check this out and modify anything that is required
  8. @boooggy: I can't read what the message says (it's too low res.) Could you please post what the message says.
  9. @TheeBeets: If you run something other than the slipstreamer your Txtsetup,dosnet.sif and possible sysoc.inf and svcpack.inf will be different that is why I said watch out for those files.... If you don't know how to make the changes manually then you are better off just running the program... Also DON'T remove Wmp9 with nlite
  10. @TheeBeets: Copy your txtsetup.sif,dosnet.inf,svcpack.inf,sysoc.inf,wmp.inf,mymusic.inf,skins.inf to a folder run the sliptreamer on that folder (as if it were i386) then you'll have all the files BUT remember changes are made to the following files: TXTSETUP.SIF,DOSNET.INF,SVCPACK.INF,SYSOC.INF AND MYMUSIC.INF I hope I have understood correctly what it is you want to do, hope this helps...
  11. Hi everyone I've been away for a while (yes,yes I know it was a looong while), anyway I am still working on the final version but it will take a couple of days... @kelsenellenelvian: LOL, what can I say I was in a hurry
  12. @DonDamm: I'll create a parameter so that you can specify your own temporary directory and up the new ver asap.(porbably 2 days) @kelsenellenelvian: This could possible be a problem but I used the MSDN Win32 developers thingy and in there they said that windows specifies a Max path variable that should be sufficient. The only problem I could think of other than the one specified by kelsenellenelvian is that you don't have a "<WINDOWSDIRECTORY>\Temp" folder (The program requests this folder from Windows(Guess where I got that info from), but I am looking into it.)
  13. @rikgale: If you used a generic PSU the chances of your mobo + components being screwed get's a whole lot bigger but if it's namebrand (ie. Enermax, Thermaltake, ect) then everything should be ok. But I should also say that I had a pc that was killed by lightning and only the mobo died (it saved everything else,lucky me). Moral of the story: Next time double,double check (esp. those power cables connected to the mobo they usually cause blowup's )
  14. @sonic: Thanks for the info , as for checking if it works, just do anything you would normally do with WMP10 and if it doesn't work post again . No need to post sysoc.inf if everything is working (plus I don't think that file will be a worry for me again,, I hope)
  15. @muiz: Np, whatever works for you @RyanVM: Very good point, at least it's working 50% (But that is entirely up to the user as I *never* use winnt32.exe so I would say 100% working ) @shinomen: Well I'm testing my Winnt32 right now and see if I can reproduce the error.. (It does seem a bit strange it working one way and not the other ). But I am thinking that it has something to do with Windows File Protection.(Why Microsoft,Why?)

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