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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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Everyone sorry I have been absent most of the time & I know I promised a new version, I still do intend to code my last version that incorporates everything that everyone has asked for, but at the moment I busy with examinations so I can't spend too much time on it :( But as soon as I have break I'll finish up that final version (maybey not final if it contains bugs ;) )

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Sorry for not reading the entire thread (too big), but is the slipstreamer respecting digitally signed files? For example, when you install XP, you can see an error log named "setuperr.log" with all non-signed files. Bashrat slipstreamer has this limitation.

Thanks :hello:

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@ RyanVM:

Yes thanks :D. Next version won't be adding them.(as well as the inf entry you specified)

Looking forward to the new update pack btw. ;)

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