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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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also tried with version 2.2 of the slipstreamer same error. sorry for the attached image i know is low res, but this site don't allow bigger attachements. so i give u this link for the image in a bigger res.

first time i also nlited the xp but second time didn't.

here is the link:

error image

ps forgot to say that during install the setup is crying about this file plylst1.wpl even the file is on the cd....

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Just did some testing over the weekend on your slipstreamer - frankly the work you have done is FANTASTIC! thankyou for your hard work!

Just thought i would ask you about some stuff on my wish list...

1. Preconfigure the startup wizard so that you don't get asked the questions.

2. Preconfigure the themes etc.

Happy to help if i can...

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Sorry but I can't seem to get the command line to work correctly....

I used this:

H:\WMP\slipstreamer_v3.exe /i386=H:\TESTPCK\I386 /wmp=H:\WMP10\mp10.exe /silent

and then all I get is a couple of errors:

-> WMP.INF/WMP.IN_ not found in I386 folder

-> Media Player 10 Setup executable not found....

--> Also, please include examples of command line usage in Parameters.txt

--> Thanks for the great slipstreamer, works great manually, but I want to use it in a batch builder script ....

EDIT: I tried quoting the paths, escaping the paths, replace / with - and everything, I can't get it to work....

--> Please post a working example of command line usage....

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The parameters are listed in parameters.txt but I'll add your example:

H:\WMP\slipstreamer_v3.exe /i386dir="H:\TESTPCK\I386" /wmpdir="H:\WMP10\mp10.exe" /silent

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