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  1. The problem is reported to Microsofts feedback program with ID 420642. Please comment, comfirm and vote to help Microsoft correct the issue. Simple registration required.
  2. I completly agree. Shadow is too thick, very nice at the welcome screen. Send feedback?
  3. I believe the audio drivers in current Windows 7 builds are not working properly, this may cause problems on certain audio devices. I have personally encountered unrepairable audio problems using SPDIF TOSLink with external creative X-Fi sound card.
  4. I have been doing quite a few tests now. It is definatly a creative driver issue... I tried to uninstall all Creative drivers, with console launcher and use only the native windows drivers for USB Audio Device. I also uninstalled the AMD USB Audio Driver Filter (seems to make no difference at all). Windows now has two devices "Speakers - SB X-Fi Surround 5.1" and "Digital Audio Interface - SB X-Fi Surround 5.1". Both are working properly and the latency is gone, so this must be a creative driver issue... I am using the "Digital Audio Interface - SB X-Fi Surround 5.1" as default as I have the soundcard connected with TOSLink to a Pioneer multichannel reciever (VSX-D811). Audio is now crackle free and in sync. However with the default windows USB Audio Device driver I am unable to passthrough SPDIF Dolby Digital/DTS signals and only get a stereo signal to my reciever, if I try enable SPDIF passthrough I get no sound. There is no option in the default windows driver to set the device to 5.1. SPDIF passthrough works with the beta driver. I normally use ffdshow to enable DTS and AC3 passthrough, as the creative dolby digital live pack does not support the usb x-fi surround 5.1 (although i bought the pack). This normally works and does as well under Vista to enable DTS/DD passthrough for multichannel on movie files / DVD etc. With the beta driver installed this works as normal also on Windows 7, but i get the latency problem... With the default windows driver I have no way to set the card to 5.1 as in the beta driver, i suspect this is why ffdshow spdif passthrough of DTS/DD does not work. With the creative drivers (beta or vista) the secound audio interface is listed as "SPDIF-Out - SB X-Fi Surround 5.1". Maybe the Microsoft USB Drivers does not recognize it as a SPDIF interface? The native driver does not allow for any configuration of the soundcard, the creative driver allows one I suspect is key and it is the setup for 2/0 or 5/1 output mode. I would believe this is what makes the system identify the SPDIF as a multichannel supported port and makes passthrough in ffdshow for AC3/DTS possible. The latency seems to be definatly produced by the creative driver alone. System configuration has no impact. The creative driver seems needed for AC3/DTS to be passed through the SPDIF port correctly, but it gets out of sync. Im stuck with either no latency and stereo through the spdif with Microsoft native drivers or Latency (out of sync audio) and working DTS passthrough through the SPDIF with creative drivers. If only there were an option to select 5.1 through the spdif in native ms drivers this would most likely work. Any ideas are appriciated!
  5. The AMD USB Filter Driver seems to make no difference whether not installed (clean os), installed or uninstalled on Windows 7. The Creative beta driver (and Vista driver) both produce the latency, windows 7 natively supports the external soundcard however im unable to tell whether the latency is there or not, the native drivers corrupt and jitter the sound too much.
  6. Im wondering if it could be something I use on vista called "AMD USB Filter-Driver" that installs default with my HP laptop. It should increase accuracy and speed performance of external USB devies such as speakers and TV tuners. This installs fine on windows 7 also, but I notice no difference. Maybe this is the problem?
  7. I just tried to reinstall the driver and it broke my whole system. Restore not working nor repairboot. Cant boot the system. Ill try a fresh install and se if it works...
  8. Same issue with the vista x64 drivers.
  9. Testplatform HP Pavilion DV-5 Entertainment Notebook PC (4GB RAM, 2GHz dual-core) with Microsoft® Windows® 7 x64 and Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1. Driver: USB_W7DRVBETA_US_1_01_0091. Tested with clean installed OS and only this driver. The Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 is connected with optical TOSlink to a 5.1 Pioneer reciever. There occures great (and increasing) latency while playback of videofiles. -Sound will very noticably loose sync from video within a minute (all filetypes, not a codec problem). The latency will not occure with the internal notebook speakers, nor on same system with Microsoft® Windows® Vista x86. The Notebook ships with HPs "AMD USB Filter Driver" that should improve the performance of USB accessories, such as USB speakers or a USB TV tuner. I have tried to install this also on the testplatform to resolve the problem, however even though it seems to install fine the latency/syncproblem still resists. Im not sure whether this is important or not. What can be done, any ideas, troubleshooting or tests I can do?
  10. Guess thats the only way to find out, but im running only latest official drivers on my system.
  11. I have looked, but not knowing what to look for makes it kind of difficult.
  12. Anything else I can do to debug? Another logger etc.?
  13. Memtest returns no errors at a quick 20min test, will try more firmly also. To me this seems like a driver/software issue.
  14. Checkdisk returned no errors. Will try memtest also.
  15. Yes it is. Something is clearly wrong. Defrag of both registry and hdd is done. I am not familiar with memtest and checkdisk. The machine is only a couple of months old.
  16. The bootlog from procmon application mentioned above. I click enable bootlog and reboot, then when I open the app after reboot it asks to save/compress logfile, this crashes the application after a couple of minutes. I have disabled all startup applications and services that i do not need. still there is a tremendous delay after desktop is loaded of anything up to 4 minutes before all is loaded and windows idles (responds for use).
  17. I cannot compress the log file. The application crashes at about 60% of log file compression. Any idea?
  18. I have a pretty clean vista system on my lapotop, with not many startuo items. however after desktop loads there is a delay of nearly 3-4 minutes before its all ready to go... How do I troubleshoot and find out whats taking so long to load?
  19. I suggest making a sticky of Windows 7 registry tweaks. Here are some to start off. ; Add "Copy To" to options in files and folders context menu. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Copy To] @="{C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}" ; Add "Move To" to options in files and folders context menu. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Move To] @="{C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}" ; Sets Windows to automatically end task of programs which are either hanged or taking longer time than expected to exit. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "AutoEndTasks"="1" "HungAppTimeout"="1000" "WaitToKillAppTimeout"="2000" "LowLevelHooksTimeout"="1000" ; Decreases menu show delay time. "MenuShowDelay"="8" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control] "WaitToKillServiceTimeout"="2000" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] ; Disables the low disk space check. "NoLowDiskSpaceChecks"=dword:00000001 ; Sets Windows to not waste time in searching for a program which no longer exists in your system when you try to open its shortcut. "LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo"=dword:00000001 "NoResolveSearch"=dword:00000001 "NoResolveTrack"=dword:00000001 ; Disables "search on Internet" prompt in "Open with" window so that it directly opens the program list. "NoInternetOpenWith"=dword:00000001 ; Add "Take Ownership" to options in files and folders context menu. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas] @="Take Ownership" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas] @="Take Ownership" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" Please contribute.
  20. This question is theoretically for educationally use ONLY. The 4GB RAM limit of Windows 7 (as in vista) is known to be software limited from MS. However there is a "workaround" using certain legit(!) files from Windows Server 2008 if you own both versions, replaced with Vista system files for Windows Vista to take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM. As Server 2008 can handle up to 64GB RAM. Is this possible also in the Windows 7 kernel?
  21. By the way, remote does not work in WMC either, althoguh it works for booting PC and arrows, so IR is fine.
  22. I have similar problems with 32bit on HP laptop, also media keys on WMC IR remote and logitech keyboard (native windows 7 drivers) does not respond. Play, Pause, Skip etc. does nothing. All works natively on Windows Vista without additional software or drivers. Myst be a WMP12/windows 7 issue?

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