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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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However, the WMV acceleration does not seem to be working.

that is true. cause my pack only add the newest files to wmp 10 but not the registry entries. so for wmv acceleration i create this file: download link.

it is an installer that could be installed with /SILENT switch. also it adds the file and the registry entry for wmv acceleration. please test it and report back. :D

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hey, i used this way on my integrated xp cd:

1 windows xp pro

2 slip sp2

3 slip all hotfixes needed

4 wmp slipstreamer

tested and using it.I am using Turkish version Windows Xp Proffessional.

No problems...

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ok. i dont say your way is wrong. u can use slipstreamer as long as u dont remove with nlite wmp 6.4 and wmp.

i do it this way: nlite (here add ryan's pack and xpize)

slipstreamer 3

then add newWMP pack (see here http://rapidshare.de/files/2036209/newWMP.rar.html)

make iso.

and your wmp 10 will be version 3923.

as for the update on check for an update is already discussed here and conclusion was that is a bug from m$.

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