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  1. No need to recompress it if you don't want to - setup will process svcpack.inf uncompressed. Cheers!
  2. Do this.. start run cmd expand "Source\I386\svcpack.in_" "Source\I386\svcpack.inf" del "Source\I386\svcpack.in_" notepad "Source\I386\svcpack.inf" exit Enjoy
  3. One quick fix is simply to change the path used to short filenames - that can be done simply bu changing line 78 in your MSDBuild.cmd file from CD /D "%~dp0" to CD /D "%~sdp0" Applogies - i did miss that, have been working on some stuff for 36 hours straight... the old grey matter is getting tied. One suggestion for stopping the prompt is to use 7zip to extract the files you want to use... example Start /Wait "Extract KB905474 Download" .\7za457\7za.exe /e "%%W" -o"%%~dpnW" legitcheckcontrol.dll I tested this quickly and it works well... Yes i did download the latest version, however had f
  4. @Felix Where exactly did you see "v4.5"? I'm looking for it, but I cannot find attached to my Guide or MSDBuild, except in the past-tense. (The current guide version discusses Guide v4.5 in a couple places: Version History, et cetera.) Windows Installer is also listed at v4.5 because that is the version of that Windows update.
  5. Hi DS, Done that however still getting problems.... MSDBuild.cmd Log: /02/-Tu- 1 16:14:36.84 Running on Windows XP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Activity Log ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initializing MSDBuild ... 16:14:37.06: Looking for WorkMSDB subfolder... .++ 16:14:37.10: Found. ... 16:14:37.14: Initializing Inst*.inf files... ... 16:14:37.17: InstWGAV.inf... .++ 16:14:37.26: Done. ... 16:14:37.28: InstWUWC.inf... .++ 16:14:37.35: Done. ... 16:14:37.39: InstMUWC.inf... .+
  6. Hi DS, Just attempted to build msdownloads following v5 and have been getting errors... Can you advise what the problem is? MSDBuild.cmd Log: /02/-Tu- 1 14:05:30.84 Running on Windows XP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Activity Log ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initializing MSDBuild ... 14:05:30.98: Looking for WorkMSDB subfolder... .++ 14:05:31.00: Found. ... 14:05:31.03: Initializing Inst*.inf files... ... 14:05:31.06: InstWGAV.inf... .++ 14:05:31.12: Done. ... 14:05:31.15: Inst
  7. lastowl, It would be great if you could explain in more detail here in this thread so everyone can benefit from your information.
  8. Hi All, Does anyone happen to know where windows xp pro has the settings for creating the folders like %programfiles%\xerox, %programfiles%\msn games zone etc? I use Nlite to remove thes options, however the folders are still there and i would like to prevent them being created in the first place if this is possible?
  9. Sorry for what maybe a dumb question - Where do you get this information from? Also i assume that [Strings] U_SHELL_FOLDERS_PERSONAL="%USERPROFILE%\Mijn documenten" Is "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents"
  10. Try this and see how you go...
  11. 1. Yes you can implement/run it during installation - you can use one of two methods; a. run from the SVCPack.ini file or b. run from Runonce. See information here on how to do it... RunOnce Method 2. Nlite can create oeminfo.ini for you, however if you use this tool, the information that Nlite will write to oeminfo.ini will be overwritten. Having said that, this tool provides far more informative information than the basic stuff that Nlite adds. You could combine the two manually, or if you really wanted to - you could modify the script to append the additional information to oeminfo, howeve
  12. Thanks for your message and input... i have read the MS KB and added changes to address this issue.
  13. How do you have your make and expand cmd's set up m8? I would like to do something similar here...
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