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The Best Processor Ever Made (until Now)


Wich one is the best processor for everyday computing (including all aplications)?  

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  1. 1. Wich one is the best processor for everyday computing (including all aplications)?

    • AMD Athlon XP+
    • AMD Athlon 64
    • AMD Opteron
    • Intel Pentium 4
    • Intel Xeon
    • Intel Itanium
    • Motorola G3
    • PowerPC G4
    • PowerPC G5

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All of these processors are limited to desktops.

I personally think that the Pentium-M processors are the best ever made, considering that the lastest versions use about one-third the power of a 3.2GHz P4-HT and are able to keep up, toe-to-toe with any of the standard processors out there.

Not to mention the obvious advantage of Intel's SpeedStep technology to give laptop users 5 hours of battery life with average usage (vs 2 hours with P4 and 1.5hours with AMD).

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I have used both intel and athlon and intel. Athlon uses more power but can be tweaked more but at the cost of generating more heat. Athlon is more rugged and more foregiving.

So my vote is something in the athlon line

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