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  1. Hello! Friend of mine purchased a laptop without OS recently. I installed on it 32bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise. Now I find out that the computer is actually 64bit... (AMD v140 CPU)... I feel myself stupid now. I had to install 64bit, not 32bit Windows on this notebook. Is it huge mistake I did? I do not want to reinstall windows again...
  2. Hi! Is there any way to make bigger only the desktop icons, without affecting start menu, autplay menu and etc icon size? I tried to find answer @ google without luck.
  3. I have simple question: after using vLite, what's the minimal system prefs that Vista need to run? What's your "best record"? What's the slower computer that runs Vista? Excuse me, I can't explain better my question. Hope you understand me
  4. New open source project - Infra Recorder
  5. Audio players Cool Player 1by1 (rekomended by me) Audio Tools Mp3tag (tad editor for media files, recomended by me) Video players Gom Player (new and powerfull)
  6. Theme: Klassik2006 Modified Icons: Tango Wallpaper: Wallpaper for Gnome desktop Clean Dirty
  7. Hello! I am using MPlayer 1.0pre8-3.4.2 with MPUI 1.1.10 build 33. I want to plase the subtitles bottom on screen, but there are always big space (between the subtitles and bottom of screen). I have readed the documentation and try to use "subpos" and "vf=expanded" without luck This is my config: vo=directx double=yes font=c:/windows/fonts/arial.ttf subcp=cp1251 subfont-text-scale=3 subfont-osd-scale=6 vf=expand=0:-100:0:40 ao=win32 autosync=100 framedrop=yes quiet=yes #adapter=2 Please, tell me how to modify it to place subtitles downer, to decrease the space to bottom of screen. Thanks in advanse!
  8. I like abadaba's desktop, but what is him VS?
  9. Hello! I have problem with my computer, again. I hate the PC, I hate the XP Now, when I try to logoff (not everey time), computer restart itself, without any logoff screen. Just black screen and restart (like a cold restart). I have searched the forum, google and MS Knowledge Base. NOTHING. If u can help - please, write! I try to reinstall XP SP2 wit latest updates - no result. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  10. SQ (Stupid Question) - Can I use switches from v4.1 to install v4.2? Any changes with it?
  11. Ok, but If I want to use code into RunOnceEx.cmd, how to configure it? REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "nVidia Drivers" /f REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\nVidia\setup.exe -s" /f That?
  12. Hello! I am using XP Pro SP2 with RyanVM Update Pack from february. When I install some msi application (Java, Visual C++ 2005 Runtime etc) windows installer doesnt show me progress window, only start installation window. It's like a silent install, but I dont use switches or silent installers. I don't know where is the problem... And cause I am stupid I cant describe it good. I am hope u understand me. If somebody can help - let's write! EXUSE ME FOR BAD ENGLISH Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  13. U can try i.FTP - free and open source FTP client for Windows and BeOS. It's support SFTP.
  14. My vista is so slow, too. My PC is P4 2.66GHz, 1GB RAM, 64MB VC GF4. The RAM usage isnt so big, but the CPU usage kills my PC. I don't know whats hardware want this OS. WOW
  15. I have removed WMP 9 and leave the old WMP 6.4 with nLite. Winamp gives me this error: I have tryed iTunes. Nice interface, but installs too many thinks. I don't want Quick Time, do not need eMusic shop, CD burning tool, ripper... I just want to play music files. It's little sux to set manually album cover. Will be better if iTunes can found it into music folder and show it automaticly like a foobar2000. And finally if I must make a choise between Winamp and iTunes I will prefer Winamp.
  16. OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise VS: Vista 5270 Wallpaper: Autumn Bliss Widgets: Konfabulator
  17. The best browser for me is Firefox. My second choise is Netscape. I will back to IE NEVER!
  18. 10x for the link, DigeratiPrime! I am using Winamp 5 Lite and foobar2000. I am sick from Winamp full. It's very slowly when start, use a lot of memory and wants to have installed WMP. I dont have WMP and Winamp doesnt want to start. I must copy wmasf.dll to Winamp dir to start it..... sux...... I still didn't try iTunes.
  19. //OFFTOPIC @DigeratiPrime Exuse me, what is this Firefox theme?
  20. Please, give me link for your wallpaper and visual style!
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