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    Another free FPS game is Truecombat: Elite (www.truecombatelite.net) wich is based in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territry (also free).
  2. PSP or Ipod Mini?

    why don't you get a Rio Karma, I got one and it's great (also I can use it as a hard drive)
  3. My thoughts about the Apple Corporation

    I got the same opinion as you, but for everyday use, Wintel is far far better. P.D. If you want a better Media player than Ipod, get a Rio Karma (I got one an it's awesome )
  4. [Desktops] 2005

    There are a couple ways to get that effect, including stuff like some built-in nVidia tools, as well as having programs that simply have the feature built-in, but I prefer glass2k. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yes you are correct, I do that with Nview with my Nvidia card; but for me is very useful for msn and web surf at the same time.
  5. [Desktops] 2005

    what do you think abou mine?
  6. How to burn a Mac .dmg file on a PC?

    try this little command line program, you only put "dmg2iso file.dmg file.iso" and the job is done dmg2iso.exe
  7. [Desktops] 2005

    what do you think about my desktop:
  8. dvd burning

    Tell me what are you excatly doing?
  9. Recycle bin

    Ok, I found it by myself in gpedit.msc, thanks anyway
  10. Recycle bin

    Hello, I'm wondering how to hide the recycle bin from my desktop, I'm using AvDesk and I want ti hide it; Thanks.
  11. Why are you seeing flamed for that? I got 2 PC's: 1 for my work as a Non-linear Editor in Chef, and the other just for internet and stuffs. I got a third computer running Smoothwall and it never went down. For me, linux is for programmers and those who want to know a litle bit more about hardware. P.D. and those who hates Micro$oft
  12. Top 5 Pc Games

    1. Half-life 2 2. Half-life 2 3. Half-life 2 4. Half-life 2 5. the rest...
  13. Now I'm trying a free firewall called Smoothwall, and it seems be OK (I got a very old PIII 550 128 MB RAM 8 GB HDD). www.smoothwall.org
  14. I'm using Diskeeper since ver. 2.0 and it's the best defrag tool ever made.
  15. When I start making an unnattended instalation of windows xp pro with applications with nlite, it crashes and make the cd unbootable ; I use the guide off http://unattended.msfn.org/ and works like a charm!