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Best p2p network


what do you think is the best p2p network?  

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  1. 1. what do you think is the best p2p network?

    • edonkey
    • kazaa
    • gnutella/gnutella 2
    • dc++ (no idea what network it is)
    • combination of those above
    • other
    • i dont like p2p

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Shareaza/emule user here. But I think that software that uses a combination of existing networks will always have an upper hand compared to a client made for a specific one. In terms of availability of file streams, a combined client should get far better results than a client that only connects to a single network.

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well i've used azureus/shareaza/kazaa/dc++/emule/overnet/edonkey/exceem/etc.

amongs these i'd vote torrent to be the best, i use azureus for that. i dl at max bandwidth, u always have the chance to find new stuff. but for older stuff its hard

emule/shareaza both good on new & old stuff but if u didn't find the link from a trustable source it might be infected/broken/fake/etc.

dc++ pretty good, i most often dled with my max bandwidth on dc++, but sharing enourmous amount of data to get into a hub is just not nice.

dc++ is good for everything man, u browse into thousands of ppl's files, there are games/music/programs/e-books/pics/videos/etc.. its all good.

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yea, limewire connects to gnutella, i used to use limewire, then kazaa, the kazaa turned to complete crap, so i went back to gnutella with shareaza

ps, anyone got some torent sites hehe

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