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  1. hm uninstalling sp1 seemed to do the trick, thanks should i be able to install the RTM version without getting the same problem?
  2. ohhhh thanks, i'll try that do you know if there's a way to see if it works or not? i only get the tool tip pop up once a day and i'd rather not have to wait for it
  3. http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/4749/windowshm7.jpg
  4. That is the problem. When you do a clean install, you MUST put in a key that matches the Vista version you want to install. Good luck! i dont recall that but how come it would just start telling me that my license is about to expire now its been quite a while since i got this computer
  5. it was preinstalled its home premium updated to sp1 i would have called dell by now, but im not too fond with dealing with customer service edit: iirc, i didnt have to enter a key when i reinstalled
  6. oh thanks, i'll try that i didn't know where to find my product key so i dled a keyfinder and it's completely wrong does anyone know whether to check if it's actually activated though? because i only get the pop up once a day usually around 2 am
  7. i keep getting a tool tip pop up apparently my vista license will expire in 6 days and its telling me i have to backup all my data and install another copy of vista why is this? i bought this dell inspiron 1520 around the end of august if i go to control panel -> system, it says my vista is activated and everything so i dunno what to do when i first got this laptop, i did a clean install following one of the guides on the notebookreview forums, could that be the issue? this one: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=157838
  8. not yet, im still trying to convert the second router to a switch
  9. Maintenance? =\ What is the explaination for being partially connected then?
  10. Im on Verizon FiOS and connected by wire. However, the connection is going through two routers so that's where the problem may be? I've been trying to turn the second router into a switch but apparently i need a crossover cable.
  11. ok so every night after about 1:27 my internet cuts off, but not completely things that still work are things like steam, trillian(if i was previously already connected), ventrillo(if i was already connected), etc things that dont work is mostly everything else such as browsing and bittorrent i have no idea what's going on thanks for any help
  12. thank you all for your input, but i solved the problem i kind of forgot about this thread these two links help a lot: http://www.portforward.com/help/doublerout...tforwarding.htm http://www.the-scream.co.uk/forums/t10861.html
  13. oh, i will try that well, i have my connection going into a wireless router downstairs and then another router connected to the wireless one upstairs so i don't have to run multiple cables
  14. is there anything special i have to do to forward ports through two routers? i have forwarded them normally on both routers but uTorrent still says they aren't thanks for any help
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