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  1. I installed this yesterday on a clients PC, it went on easily with no glitches. It seemed to pick up and install his 6230 quicker too, looks really pretty as well
  2. Okay let's do a little test. Open your system up and disconnect the floppy data and power connector temporaraly and then boot up.If your system doesn't sit there for 5 minutes trying to talk to a floppy then it's a good bet the your drive has developed problems. If your sytstem still hangs there trying to talk to a floppy then your might have a software issue, with no drive attached windows may spit up an error that could give you extra info on whats causing the problem.
  3. Okay so I'm guessing that your having trouble getting the raid 0 to migrate to the new controller. Well unfortunatly I don't know of any trick or utilities that can do this directly. Your only option would be to run the drives on the old card and ghost the partition to a new raid or seperate drive. You should be able to disable the onboard raid in the bios to get the old card running too. On the up side it's a good excuse to buy a new 400 GB hard disk
  4. Okay, I think I can save you a heap of trouble because I'm right in the middle of a server migration with similar issues. The main problem you will face is that windows is keyed to boot from your original SATA Card, unlike IDE if windows wasn't installed from scratch with the right drives it wont be able to boot itself from your drives. Your best bet is to stick with the SATA card and preferably replace the motherboard with an identicle model or you will have to spend a fair while fiddling with drivers for all the new hardware. It's also important to note that changing motherboard's is like switching to a whole new system and in these sort of cases Winodws may simple just give you a blue screen of death, no mater what you do. Also generaly yes seperate SATA cards are faster.
  5. What sort of time frame are we talking? It's possible that a security up date has caused the windows firewall to block internet sharing. Also run ipconfig.exe from a command window, it’s a very powerful tool, really good to learn.
  6. I feel a new wave of PC benchmarking coming on
  7. If a domain controller was added then it's most likely a security issue, what I'd do is add an a user account to the DC and give it full access to the file share your using. All you need to do is figure out how to do is 'logon' with this user in the boot disk, I know you can do it with the standard net.exe in XP.
  8. Yeah, I'm liking it, taking the name in a new direction like they did with XP adds a little to the OS.
  9. Usually in this case when email files get that large, it's time for MS Exchange. By using exchange all the email data and files stay on the server and is accesed dynamically by each outlook program. This basically means that only the part of the PST file that is being used is transfered back and forth. This will solve your bandwidth problem and make managing you email system much easier. Additionaly if the user is on the road alot they can use Explorer to get into a web-mail style interface to check their emails. Have a look: MS Exchange 2003
  10. he he he sorry, I had too While Macs can sometimes be useful, possibly, there are a little limited in that type of software. I would recomend buying a modem or router with a built-in proxy and firewall. Or alternativly you could wipe you standard OS and put on linux, there are several distributions that have very solid networking tools in them.
  11. It's fairly easy to set a users homepage with Active Directory. You use a part of AD called Group Policies, these are like rules that are applied to each machine or user when they logon to the AD Domain. It can be a little bit of work to get each machine authenticated and applying the polices but when they are you simply go the the appropriate rule in GP and set the Explorer home page. Here a neat little page that goes into it a little more: ActiveDir.Org
  12. Belkin has just released Pre 802.11n wireless device that are producing 800% better results that current 802.11g wireless devices. Here's the link from the Herald Sun, http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/st...5E11869,00.html We've all seen wireless take off and it's **** popular, think what this break-through will mean for the IT industry. Belkin Fact Sheet: http://www.belkin.com/au/FactSheet/Belkin_..._Fact_Sheet.pdf
  13. Excellent! I shall being preperations for a reinstall imediatly. One thing that would be cool though, a list of files that that you can replace or modify, maybe under the ModifyPE page, I'm sure there are heaps out the that people aren't aware of.
  14. I use Shareaza for my P2P, it's works beautifully and it uses G1/2 and eDonkey.

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