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It has been 7 years since Win98 was released


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Read back bud... The problem came up when you and your other Windows 98SE fanatics started posting incorrect information about your precious Windows 98SE and Windows XP. I simply denounced the lies and you turned it into what it is...

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I hope that someone can take some knowledge from this thread. Take the time to sort out the truths. Weigh the pros and the cons.

Stick with Windows 98... Switch to Windows XP... Jump off a cliff... I don't care.

Thank you all for the healthy debate.

I am going to step out of this one because I can't possibly say anything more or post more proof, so continuing this conversation is simply just fueling an unneeded fire.


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It gives you all the added features that just aren't available with Windows 98SE.

I'm still waiting to see what are these features (except of course network administrator tools because I don't use them).

On the XP computer, the first thing I did was disabling the password and logon so that I can use it as a w98.

I feel more confortable when there is one deskstop, on document folder, etc. If not it's like you have to manage different computers within the same one.

The problem with XP is that it's not a home OS. For your company it's good, (thought for that, I would expect less security breaches), but for a personal computer I never found any feature that was a + versus w98.

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B) i like the lets share info with eachother than playing my os is better than yours .but you gotten wonder if their a guy with 95 in a forum praising his lol .the whole point of this thing we call the web and in this a win98 forum why not offer tweaks mods to improve things .we no xp is the cats a** .handdown but its fun aswell to pimp my 98 os lol

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I`ve read the complete theard. I can`t agree with un4given1 opinion that

Windows Xp is great.

First to me an OS is just a tool to get work done.

Some tools are better suited for carrying out job "A", some do better on job "1"

Second I`ve used most OS. All of them have pros and cons.

OS/2 e.g is good assembly programming for DOS program development.

Wndows 98SE good for gaming not only for Dos games,but for older Windows Games,the best example is Need for Speed SE 2 according Microsoft.

About the Port 139 Paket that crashed Win95 , that was fixed with the second

release of Winsock 2.0 (about mid 1997)

The Fact that something is old doesn`t means that it is trash or obsolete.

"Never Change a running system" is a mantra many firms have.

Intels Pentium 4 still includes the A20 Gate required for being compatible

with Ms-Dos 1.x

Third Windows NT has indeed a good kernel ,but changes form Windows NT 4 till

now target home use.About Quotas support MS simply bought a firm for that and

included the program as a service.

I know that network has been improved, but Windows is still not suitable for

professional use. One can`t work as restricted user. You have to work as

Admin,otherwise programs refuse to work e.g Photoshop 7 (I think).

Norten Antivirus can`t update its signatures and many other problems.

For professional work one should use ThinClient or Unix/Linux.

It requires a lot of knowledge but is the best choice if

skilled Administrators are available.

I prefer Win2k over Win98SE because of stability,hibernation, unicode support

over network, certain programs e.g Vmware, but I switched when SP2 was available as MS-OS needs some time to mature.

I have no time for activating Windows,a lot of bells,animated rovers etc.

I want to work with my Pc, to program edit videos etc.

Windows Xp doesn`t offers anything new except new problems

when programming.Btw the Windows Firewall is a complete joke ,any VB coder

can circumvent it.

I know a lot of firms that stick to Windows 3.1x or OS/2 3 e.g banks ,because

it suits their needs. Why should they upgrade ??

An upgrade requires new hardware, new OS, training of users this all results in

breakdown for several weeks.

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One more advantage of w98se over XP:

I wanted to replace Notepad.exe by a better notepad replacement. I worked fine on w98, but XP immediately replaced my new notepad by the old one.

That means that you don't control your system, even for stupid things as notepad.

Worse, that means that a certain number of files (all system files?) are being continuousely checked, generating a waste of resource use.

Now, when M$ will drop XP support and upgrade in a few years (as it plan to do so w98 soon), I wonder how we will install Unofficial Service Packs then...

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Now, when M$ will drop XP support and upgrade in a few years (as it plan to do so w98 soon), I wonder how we will install Unofficial Service Packs then...

Just disable WFP (Windows File Protection).


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