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  1. good answer i dont want a xp vs 98se war just honest reasons u still run 98se.thx u
  2. id be interested in similar ived used qualystem to make a image but its a rescue disk 4 current hardrive not really tranferrable to other pcs with diff hardware.i need a diskless image cd that utodetects hardware.
  3. back in the beta days of 98 the diehard 95 users argued that 98 was only a cosmedic change not worth the upgrade and 98se users argued me was likewise then the same applied to 2000 and xp when clearly ever new os advanced the last which means they get better .u peeps fight over a dead point windows xp is vastly superior to its preacessor and cant be topped until the next os-longhorn but the fact that 98se is still widely used and somewhat adequite even in todays pc use .im aware that 98se is used alot in new emerging markets third world and xp starter was oftered to allow newbies a look into xp and of course all new pcs come with xp thats a fact and like all others came with the os of the day aswell. if u want to praise a os its impracitial to compare its like a model t to a porche but a model t will still gets you around and if u cant afford it or your pc is older than u might aswell make the best of what u got and just install sp and fixes to keep the old girl running.but the 12 reasons why xp is better than 98 speech cracks me up.its pointless cause we all know theres like 100 reasons xp rocks. maybe instead of defending a os we should offer help in maintain a os whatever tricks tweaks we have .isnt that the purpose of msfn to share knownlegde to help newbies get their os running better .have we forgot our roots?this thread will last forever and solve nothing replaced by longhorn is great xp sucks etc lol and still people will continue to use 98 me 2000 and the beat goes on .and on..
  4. anytime im asked to install windows 4 a friend family if its a lowend pc i opt 4 98se and u know there more than happy with it.
  5. after 7 years why arent u using xp?i want to know why u still use 98se .is it all you need,cost factor ,u hate change etc etc .be honest ...
  6. the thread was never intented to be a 98 verus xp debate but simply someone stating after 7 years how come or why do u still use 98 when xp is much better. i dont think it was a question of xps fame but a curiousity of a xp user why people run a so called dinosaur os.and the 98se users defend their os because it provides all their needs and dont feel the need to upgrade perhaps their comforable with 98 and change is not always better .why argue over which is better xp like longhorn is better hands down like 95 is better than 3.1 and so on .its almost as if 98se is the start of better oses the proto type of a good simple os and because of its bugs now mostly rememdy by sp 2 etc its fairly sound. sure as time goes by microsoft is making programs unable to work on 98 the time to move on will be a must.but 4 now 98se is still widely used and familar 2 most so 98se embrace the retro feel of a classic os and xp users that chuckle remember the little os that could the one that laid the groundwork for oses 2 come For those about to surf we salute u long live 98se hail msfn .party on garth.
  7. i dont like the idea of needing to upgrade hardware to use longhorn when will it ever end **** u bill but like the guy above the anti spyware and ie 7 looks promising but at what cost the average ham &egger still harping bout xp costing coin .it worth a look if your a guy thats on top of latest tech stuff perhaps the reviews after the final release will shed light on this remember when xp was in beta the diehard 98se folks panned it say it was fluff will it wasnt xp proved 2 be a great os but time will tell i only feel bad that folk with no cash cant incorparate any of the anti spyware or even ie 7 what a scam that is oh well bill needs to feed the kids..lol
  8. i couldnt get badtoys 3d a old 1996 game to work with joypad then i installed this usb2.0 and it worked amazing. so i cant say u dont need it and sp2.03 is enuff but i like it all the merrier.. 98se 4ever .chow
  9. indeed khan i believe the average home user not power user which is a whole new animal only uses a pc to surf email and message friend the osscational yahoo games room or chat hell i can do that on a P1-166mhz .true gamer need the latest video cards ddr ram etc etc to keep pace with todays games but joe average doesnt.sometimes im on xp pro other times 98se and when im surfing etc makes no diff to me no really difference. so if your happy using 98se and just wantta keep sp up 2 date etc i say go 4 it i cant tell anyone to use xp because its better or theyll be less a man 2 use 98 if i didnt luck out and have xp on my pc id use 98se in a flash .people fighting over what 2 use .like i said unless your a nlite vmware unttented blah blah techno os junkie opps i just alienated half the forum lol you nprobably wouldnt care what u use 4 a os you may envy xp cool theme at best .so i say if your os works go with it upgrade accordly as u need 2 .hey maybe ill get another star under my name 4 this lol .i personal continue to tweaks and doctor 98se with latest sp etc etc putting all the goodies on cd so i can jazz up friends pcs .i spend 90%of my time in 98se forum than xp cause xp works well outside of nlite or new themes etc i see no need to change things but 98se is fun to revamp i love it. keep up the good work creator like gape mdgx tinhy we appeciate all u do.thx u peace out..
  10. cool do i win a free msfn tshirt and coffee mug lol
  11. lol youve be sursprize at how many old timers still use win 3.1 not thats decatation
  12. stutdown zip works great well done .awaiting revolution pack final.
  13. win 95 i use 2 95 cds to hold washing machine fron scaping floor in basement works great thx ms$
  14. i like the kids browser at nickeleon..
  15. if sp 2 adds update to 98se and 98setome uses me sys dll to update 98se .what excactly are the differences?
  16. i like tweak ui 1.33 that was cool i want people to list their favorites so others may find and use them.
  17. **wantta pimp your machine** a facelift 2 98se a kinda franenstien .i want 2 know all the tweaks and facelifts that u think improve 98se performance the peeps with 98se need you.
  18. B) i like the lets share info with eachother than playing my os is better than yours .but you gotten wonder if their a guy with 95 in a forum praising his lol .the whole point of this thing we call the web and in this a win98 forum why not offer tweaks mods to improve things .we no xp is the cats a** .handdown but its fun aswell to pimp my 98 os lol

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