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  1. uhm I should reinstall I said .... 5 months ago, now my C: drive with 50 GB has about 2 GB free, my D: with 50 GB, has 6 GB free and my E with 100 GB has 12 GB free. My System (Athlon 64 3000+, 1 GB RAM) takes 5-10 minutes!!! to start. But I never want to reinstall, the whole mess with drivers and programs and internet etc. I use it until it's broken... and then I use Vista Beta on another partition and if that is also broken i will instal XP x64, finally!
  2. Thanks, now I have installed Vista too and it works as expected.
  3. Can anyone please try to install VMWare on his test system running Vista? If it works, I will use it as dual boot solution for my MacBook Pro, but I depend on VMWare for school and if that doesn't work I need to revent to Linux which takes too much time.
  4. DDR 2 is only introduced, because Intel systems have their Memory controller in the north bridge and not in the CPU.
  5. If you ask me, then you wait until you die. There's no stoping, there's an ongoing process, I for myself had also the feeling to have did a mistake after I assembled my new PC, as the M2 was announced, but hey, you can't stop that. And about the lifecycle you said with the no need of upgrade, I think you're wrong, the process is going faster and faster, everyone want to make it better, after you're satisfied you'll see the model twice better than yours. Make it like that: Decide what you wanna do with the PC. Go and search THG for something that fits your needs, select the model with the most bang for the buck, then you're right, you saved a lot of money and have a great system exactly what you wanted, no waste of money and electricity. I found, that hte GF6600 GT works great with all new games if you select highest options and low AA and AF settings, but while I see no difference, I don't care. Think about it. EDIT: Sorry some mistakes have found their ways into my post.
  6. Thanks Anyway, I asked my dealer today, he couldn't give a definite promise, but he can consider changing my Deluxe to a Premium with heatpipe cooler, I must just pay the difference between the two.
  7. very obscure, now the screen flickers but only on the MSFN Forum... newermind if IE or FF
  8. I bought an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MoBo two months ago, now my Chipset fan is very loud and sounds like a grasscutter or chainsaw. it goes on and off all the time and since yesterday my Network connection (Nvidia) stopped working until next reboot, and the screen went back for a second and came back again. Has anyone else have similar experiences? if so I'l ask my dealer if I can have a A8N-SLI Premium in exchange and give him a small charge 30$ or so, with its heatpipe I'll escape from such annoyances.
  9. Yeah you're right, in my company all PCs lying on the floor get dusty after 2 months or so, and these ones sitting on the desk or an an other object don't get very dusty. On the other hand, the coolest air is near the floor.
  10. If you are right, then your PSU is VERY inefficent and you have risk of burn if a short-circuit occours, EVERY PSU should notice a change of load, and react immediately, imagine what happens if you have a real short circuit? Greetz Jeeva
  11. The enclosure doesn't provide anything special, that it would be safe to hot swap, if you pull out your HD, the enclosure doesn't keep the power consumption up, so the PSU is likely to fail. The IDE Cable is just inverted into a proprietary plug, for easy swapping and back again in the bay, so it's just as you would connect you HD directly, no chip, no intelligence. And for SATA, they designed a special power plug to make hot swapping possible.
  12. hmm I can select BOTH SATA HDs in the Safely remove Hardware list, so stupid, that they don't hide the hd with Windows, at least it says, that it's in use.
  13. yeah, but with all them at full speed, I run my AMD Athlon 3000+ with 2.5 GHz. very stable if you underclock your DDR to 266 or buy DDR550, the last one is VERY expensive!
  14. Why do you need DOS-Drivers? without Graphical Interface...
  15. Hi I have the following setup in my Case: 1 Fan at the top, out 2 Fans at the rear out 2 Fans in front of HDs in 1 Fan at the left side under GPU in 1 PSU out I can regulate the front, top and rear fans, manually, the PSU is load sensitive and the side one is so quiet, it works all the time. What should I set? every fan at full speed, only out or in at medium and out at full, etc.?
  16. do you mean drivers? The card will surely work with all OS'es, about drivers, you can look for the catalyst and check the System requrements there.
  17. Hello I have the following CDs of Office 2003: CD 1: Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Publisher) CD 2: FrontPage CD 3: OneNote CD 4: Visio Professional CD 5: Project Professional Is there any possibility to merge all installations (one Installer lets you install everything), integrate SP2 and burn a DVD? Since all of them use the same Installer, that should be possible, isn't it? Greetz Jeeva
  18. I voted Ultimate Edition, on Windows it's allways easier to take things out than to have missing functions.
  19. Ok you're talking about ruggedized Computers and I think about Laptops, as stated a few posts we all agree, that Intels strenghts are in the Notebook Market and we are talking about Desktop PCs and it's unlikely, that they will be operated outside, that's out of spec and there are Computers especially for that. And you're complaining about the quality of the silicon, but would you change your Notebook to a Panasonic Toughbook, allthough you're mainly work inside? Sorry, but in my eyes you need special equippment, Desktops can also not handle Hollywood needs or Weather calculating in a reasonnable speed! But one thing left to say, AMD for home, Intel for Office.
  20. Perhaps it needs SSE3 for some reason. Me too, had only problems with a VIA KT133 Appllo based T-bird, the nForce 4-SLI and the intel i855PM seemed to be rockstable and well performing.
  21. you can use WinRAR to make multiple files, but I don't know if you want that, for Backup at least, this should work. For other things, because Encarta "knows" it's origin, you cannot, and also the content's differing!
  22. elephant KDE or Gnome?
  23. A bit off topic, I simply jumped away from LightScriibe, simply you pay too much for burner and meida, just for b&w printing, get a Canon Printer and you can use CoverDesinger to make way better looking labels.
  24. Ehm if I'm not wrong, that's a double post. -> Software Hangout
  25. Ok, real suggestion, I would recommend 98, until now you get every game working, with a patch or out of the box, but it won't do it for long, and M$ tries everything to make Software/Driver only XP compatible, such as SLI. Now you should get 2000 Professional or 98 depending on the game you play.Using Server Versions of 2000 is it not worth, they use the same Kernel as the Professional version, but XP usese an older Kernel than 2003 Server,thats why some of here use 2003 Server for Desktops. BTW: XP 64 bit uses the new 2003 Kernel. Hope that helped you, and cool down.

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