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  1. AFAIK all versions od USP are working up to the last update he included, so each version can be considered as completed. (I don't think it's worth waiting for an even more complete version)
  2. Main issue, as other said, is with updating software and hardware. I forgot about updating/installing new softwares about 3 years ago. Had to do everything with unchanged set-up. Fortunately I didn't need to update anything since, save for on 3d program I rarely use. I can access the internet but I disable javascript most of the time. It can crash or freezes sometimes when javascript is enabled. I'm a little bored of losing content because of that. But so far it's ok. Without javascript, internet browsing is extremely fast and safe and I prefer losing some content than facing slow and unsafe internet. But this is valid also for newst versions of Windows. Should I use W8, I would disable Javascript too. I lost the ability to watch YouTube videos, but I didn't bother installing the patches required and KerenelX etc. I can't wantch YouTubes also because I disable Javascript and ActiveX. I'm also bored of having to use another computer for that. I do internet banking on a daily basis on W98SE, with two banks. But not evry bank website would allow that, I think. I do think that in the near future, in one or two years, I'll have to quit W98 in order to enjoy full functionality for everything. But it will be with sadness... Despite the limitations, it's still a pleasure to use it instead of W7, W8 or Vista.
  3. Still using W98SE at the time of posting. You'r not alone.
  4. I see that you have a second forum on another website. I'll follow you there.
  5. Problemchild: PLease read your messages (important)
  6. HI There, there has been a problem with the server hosting the U98SESP3 package. The websitye is back online now. Problemchild: you may not have access to the serer anymore to update the file. It comes at the worse moment possible for me because I must leave one week for my job. I'll try to restore your account either today (if I have time) or in 9 days. Sorry for the unconveniance.
  7. As Dencorso said, we need a more scientific aproach to answer this question. yet it's safe to say that by our common experience, W98 has a very low risk of infection. We have never seen anyone in the last 5 years, posting here to ask how to get rid of a virus. IMO antivirus and firewalls are totaly useless on w98. Now saying that we will never be infected should we open obviousely dangerous websites with IE6 and leave the machine 24/7 on line for weeks... is a little bit presumtuous. I neve had an antivirus installed in the last 5 years at least, and before that, never had a virus since 1999. (and that virus came from a floppy!) yet I'm positive that I would not catch viruses easily with W7 the way I use my computer. As the saying goes, infection risk depends more on your behavior than on your OS. Poeple who are careful and know how to avoid viruses will almost never catch one and can safely go naked everywhere and do everything without any protection. The problem with new OSes thought, is not so much viruses, it's bloatwares/garbagewares/uselsesswares. It seems that all Vista/7 machine get a new bloatware installed, God-knows-how once every 6 months on average and you have no idea what this software is doing and wether or not you can remove it. On a w98 that sort of joke would be cut short very swiftly.
  8. I must say that browsing the internet with Javascript disabled is already protecting from all viruses that you can get being online. If you use a POP3 e-mail account (eg Outlook {Express}), open all your mails as text. Remain infections from USB and optical discs... Also disable autorun. This thing shouldn't exist on the first place.
  9. I confirm Java 6u7 works without Kex. I have it on my PC without Kex installed. But it's the last version to do so.
  10. I hae the same problem with skype: The same version which I installed 3 years ago and still worked 2 years ago now crashes as soon as I try to answer a call. I don't expect old Y!Messenger version to work any better...
  11. php files are irrelevant on your computer because they are active only on the website's server. So you can ignore them.
  12. Today we connect to the internet with an ADSL router, not with "cable modem" anymore (unless you are somewhere far from civilisation, in the mountains or something). If you are connected with an ADSL router (or modem if you will), you need to buy and install a generic ethernet card. Once the ethernet card is inserted in the tower, restart the computer, it will look for the "new device", ask to insert the installation disc to find some files (insert the W98se CD) and, if you are lucky, you will be connected to the internet immediately. If not write here. You will also need an ethernet cable but that should be supplied with the router.
  13. That's a good idea. I just discoered a feature in Maxthon similar to proximitron albeit less advanced where I can disable some sources of bloat. It's called the content filter list. I added: /ad.yieldmanager.com/ And pages as well as scripts on Yahoo! News became much lighter already. (I still need scripts to be enabled on Yahoo News to be able to use a plugin to save the news on my HDD. But most of the time I disable javascript entirely.) I guess there are dozen of such entries which could make your internet experience much better. You don't need to reload js. localy. You can simply block their loading. Unless you want to replace them with function .js files rewritten by yourself. Awsome but difficult to do. Unfortunately it will never block scripts embedded in the main html document.
  14. Unless there something I don't know, I don't think these links are slowing the browsers. Bloat, sure. But do they use Javascript? For me abuse of Javascript is the cancer.
  15. It's not "surfing" which is a problem. It's javascript. Where I can get rid of javascript browsing is instant. I barely see the page coming. Javascript on Facebook was always too slow even when it worked properly (which was rare).
  16. If you have troubles using Facebook on W98, try the Mobile version, with Javascript disabled: http://m.facebook.com No bells and whistles but the basic, and most important functions are there: Photos, messages, timeline etc. Of course the normal Facebook may still work on some browsers of choice, but it will never be as fast as with Javascript disabled. And only Mobile Facebook supports Javascriptless browsing. Especialy if your computer is kind of old.
  17. Why do you want to complicate your life with artition back ups? Just copy the Windows folder to another location (HDD, DVD, whatever). When you need to restore your system, recopy the whole thing in DOS mode or Boot disc Dos mode if your back up is on a CD-R/DVD.
  18. It's incredible that since the W8 forum section is open, all the posts (or almost) are dealing with the ways of disabling Metro, re-enabling the Start Menu and hacking W8 to make it pallatable. Still they are poeple with enough guts to predict it will be successful... :dazed:
  19. Of course it will sell, manufacturers have the obligation to ship their new hardware with it pre-installed! + the statistics will include laptop, smartphones, notepads and desktop PCs (if any). The issue is not whether it sells or not (when you hae monopoly and elae no choice, it sells forcibly). The issue is: How many poeple will use it and not ask for the infamous "downgrade rights" to use 7 instead? IMO, 1%. Even if 99% of user uninstall W8/Metro to install a normal Windows OS, it will still be counted as a sale in the stats. Even if poeple riot and throw stones at the MS headquarters, it will still be touted as a success because of the sales stats. Nobody will like Metro. It will be the worse of the worse product failure ever. MS'image will be tarnished forever. But the management won't care because the sales stats will show it was a success.
  20. Huh! So Windows8consumer.in has been using it. It explains why they removed it from an official article. I remember having seen this picture in an article not related to Stardock's Start8, (but I still can be mistaken.) Thanks for the correction. http://windows8consumer.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Windows8pricelist.jpg
  21. I found the picture on Google. I also saved it on my HD and I can re-upload it on a website if necessary. I certify that this picture is authentic and the one I have seen on MS'blog. IMO This is the dialog box which can make W8 a success or if absent, a failure.
  22. JoergeA It also struck me to read the option of starting directly on the Desktop. It's incredible that the option has existed or may exist (in some "pro" version? "internal" version?) and that they don't tell anything about it and that the picture is not shown anymore. Probably somebody made a mistake and the snapshot was promptly removed later. (Somehow the picture is still indirectly available on the net!) I'm afraid that there will be two versions: One with the commercial laden Metro UI non-optionable and one, much more expensive where Metro is optionable. Whatever somebody at MS has thought of making Metro optionable and a W8 build has even been functioning and a snapshot taken. This is just what the whole community has been asking since the first preview release. Is MS listening but acting as they don't until the last minute or are they going to persist despite the upcoming disaster? IMO MS has already understood that the businesses will never ever use W8 if Metro can't be disabled but they are pushing for a Metro-only world for the home users. Anyway, apparently it's still possible to tweak the OS to start directly on the desktop doing the following: linkNow this is realy moronic. Proof they treat their customers like retards...
  23. This is the top moronic way of thinking! This 2D Metro style is ugly as sin. It only adds insult to injury to extend it to desktop apps. It's ok for Metro to be simplified for handheld devices for better readability, but not on a large screen where you need something softer, more natural to the eyes! Poeple will get headaches working all days on mostly black on white screens. Ho realy!? Are they going to admit finaly that Metro is primitive in all respects? That it's a step 30 years backward?
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